• Seattle

    Seattle French Food And Adventures

    August. The month when every Frenchie goes on vacation.

    This month-long exodus is SO popular in French culture that the word “vacation” is even plural, perhaps to refer to a vacation’s implied multi-week duration.

    We in the states are not so lucky, but quick summer vacations still make for fantastic adventures — even when you’re traveling alone. So here’s how to enjoy a month’s worth of Seattle in a short, solo-weekend:
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  • SqueakyBeanEaterHappyHour

    The Squeaky Bean Hosts Eater Denver Happy Hour

    Given the major accolades and shake-ups at The Squeaky Bean recently, the Eater Denver happy hour became a sort of un-intentional toast goodbye to Max MacKissock’s hand in the kitchen.

    A fun “chips n dips” happy hour menu was sprawled out on the buffet and $5 drinks were swinging at the packed bar. Dips included extra gourmet options like goat cheese or eggplant spread, though classics like PB&J were very popular.
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  • CocoChanel-Birthday

    Happy 130th Birthday, Coco Chanel!

    French fashion icon and pioneering female entrepreneur, Coco Chanel, turns 130 today.

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
    ― Coco Chanel

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  • Winning


    Everyone says this, but it is probably true for us all: I never win anything.

    It’s only unbridled optimism that keeps us entering all these contests, thinking one day we might “strike gold.”

    Well when it rains, it storms! This summer, I’ve been lucky and won TWO – count em – TWO contests from two lovely bloggers in the travel space:
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  • artichokes

    10 French Foods To Add To Your Grocery List

    Every family has their own special grocery list, but here are a few items that can add a little French flavor to your kitchen and pantry.
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  • EpernayLoungeReview

    French Elegance Meets Japanese Refinement: Epernay Lounge

    Just like the thousands of bottles of Champagne maturing under the streets of Épernay, France, Epernay Lounge hides just under the Downtown Denver bustle in a cool cave of French luxury and Japanese refinement.
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  • ParkToTableSkylinePark

    Park to Table: Shaun Motoda of Tag Raw

    Oh, landlocked Colorado — it must be a tough job to be a raw fish specialist in a city without oceans, but Hawaii’s gift to Denver, Shaun Motoda, can make seafood so delicious you can almost feel the ocean breeze when you take a bite.

    When the weather is warm, we Denverites can’t take to real beaches, but lucky for us, LSE Consulting partnered with Tag Raw to bring Chef Shaun and his fresh flavors to our own midwestern island in Skyline Park.
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  • Blush

    How to Blush Like a French Girl

    “The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” -Yves Saint Laurent

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  • BallJarParty-Proust

    DIY French Mason Jar Gift {for a ball jar party}

    Christine, of Fork Social Lab and Hungry in Boulder, is kind of obsessed with Ball Jars. You know, those classic mason jars that everyone on Pinterest is raving about?

    Well Christine knows her way around many a crafty food project and invited a few Denver foodies over for a night of ball jar exchanging, sundae making, and girl chat.
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  • MadeleineRecipe

    A {modified} Madeleines Recipe

    Like many of us, I’m much more of an “eater” than a baker, but there’s one cookie worth baking: the Madeleine.

    The only problem is that I have no idea where I put the recipe my teacher’s wife gave me, but I kind of still have the gist — I just need a good baseline.
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