• CafeMaxDenver

    Café Max – A European Café Nestled Into Colfax

    Café Max.

    The place deserves its own sentence. What a café! Rich with people, rich with design, rich with flavor, rich with class.
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  • Parallel17Beignets

    A New 17th Avenue Dessert Spot? A Hidden D Bar Alternative

    I LOVE D Bar Desserts probably more than I could love another human being, but clearly so does everyone else. And I mean EVERYONE. We’ve all been there — dying of hunger around the foyer, hoping the gate keeper will announce a free spot at the bar or that a table has cleared away. Sometimes we even give up, grab a to-go order, and go eat in the car.

    But maybe the future does not look so bleak, weary dessert seekers!
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  • NudityInFrenchFilm

    Focus on Nudity in French Cinema

    With so much talk these days about breasts in music videos, it’s amazing that the French still get picked on for nudity in their cinema. We’re Americans – you’d think we’d have seen it all – but the French are still singled out as “naked people.”

    “French films are kind of weird. They’re so full frontal,”

    said someone to me when I told them about the J’adore French Language Film Festival I saw in April. It got me thinking:
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  • LuauDenverFive

    FIVE at FIVE™ {Dinner #4} Review — Luau

    The final Denver dinner from the Denver FIVE™ was a huge luau in downtown Denver. The old District Meats space was decked out with luau gear to welcome us and send the FIVE™ chefs off to their out-of-state dinner this month at the James Beard House in NY.
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  • Corks

    French Wine 101

    “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”
    ― Andre Simon

    Some 7–8 billion bottles of wine are produced in France each year. Yes, that’s right, billion. So what makes French wine so lovable (and so sellable)?
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  • BB Brunes

    6 French Artists You Should Be Listening To Now

    As much as we LOVE Coeur de Pirate and C2C, there are plenty of impressive French bands you might not have on your iPods… yet! Here are just 6 French musical artists you should download immediately:
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