• Challah

    France’s Jewish Culinary History

    With the first night of Hannukah (or “Thanksgivukkah”) on Thursday this week, it’s a great time to look at France’s Jewish history and cuisine.

    Though France is very private about religion both politically and culturally, France’s Jewish communities have left a very visible mark – particularly in Paris, and noticeably on French cuisine.
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  • holiday-gift-guide

    Joyeux Noël – A Holiday Gift List for the Francophile

    Whether you’re looking for that cadeau parfait for the special francophile in your life or just want to give a little “hint-hint” to Santa’s elves this year, here’s a list of French-inspired gifts for the holiday season:
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  • Paris Metro Music

    Why Do French Metro Musicians Sound SO Good?

    I remember my first RER trip back from Charles de Gaulle. Clutching my two overstuffed suitcases and taking it all in, the doors suddenly opened and an Opera singer walked in:

    As if it wasn’t enough to take in the Parisian countryside on my way into the heart of the city, Paris decided to treat me with some local entertainment. That’s right — a woman got on the train and literally sang an aria out loud. God I love this place.

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  • Poisson d'Avril

    Beyond Bouillabaisse – A Guide to Eating Fresh Fish in a Landlocked State

    The French coast gets some fantastic seafood, as you might imagine. Mussels, oysters, fish – all part of quintessential French cuisine. But if you’ve ever tried to replicate a traditional bouillabaisse recipe, you’ve come across something like this:

    2.25kg or 5lb of mixed fish, whatever is fresh

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  • NavyBlueSweater

    Dress Like A Parisian: Navy Cashmere Sweater

    Great artists steal and great dressers steal from Ines de la Fressange, the deity of French street style.
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