• beast-bottle-trimbach-dinner

    Beast + {Trimbach} Bottle: An Alsace Wine Dinner

    What happens when you pair Denver Chef Paul C. Reilly with Anne Trimbach of the Alsatian wine label? Five stunning courses and three happy girls.

    Last week, I met Pasta Vino’s , Kendra Anderson, and soon-to-be-New Yorker, , at my favorite neighborhood eatery: Beast + Bottle. The occasion? Some very important French wine, hand delivered by Mlle. Anne Trimbach, daughter of the Trimbach family winemaker himself.
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  • Closet-Hangers

    6 Tips to Organize Your Closet the Parisian Way

    It’s not quite Spring, but it just feels like the right time for cleaning. Parisians are MASTERS of the closet clean-out. When your apartment is the size of a closet, your closet is well… very small. You have to be very careful about what stays and what goes.

    Here are a few tips from my Parisian friends on how they keep their closets efficient and tidy:
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  • Cannabis-French-Cooking

    “Pot” Au Feu: Cannabis Cuisine and a Recipe by Chef Laurent Quenioux

    Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Colorado, which not only changes things politically, but also makes us foodies wonder, “Can we cook with marijuana? Is it tasty? Could pot even be the new ‘kale?'”

    One of the world’s most adventurous (and wackiest) classically-trained chefs, Laurent Quenioux, decided to experiment with marijuana in 2012. Quenioux played around and tested his menu for months before serving a multi-course cannabis-infused meal, sponsored by LA restaurant Starry Kitchen.
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  • French-Girl-Body

    Let Them Have Cake and Eat It, Too… How to Look Like a French Girl

    It seems like the French can have it all.

    They eat four times the butter we Americans consume, 86% of French adults get more than 30% of their calories from fat, and 96% of French people eat more than 10% of their diet in saturated fat (found in foie gras, butter, red meat).

    But the French are also two and a half times less likely to die from heart disease and an average French women weighs 30lbs less than her American counterpart.

    So what gives? What’s the secret that allows most French women to live a healthier AND skinnier life than us Americans, all while eating some of the richest foods on the planet?
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  • HappyNewYear

    Bonne Année

    I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s celebration and are excited to kick off 2014!

    For me, yesterday was a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and all the amazing experiences we’ve had over at Goutaste. Here are a few of my favorite shots from this past year:
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