• FrenchStripes

    How the French Got Their Stripes

    Do French people actually wear stripes? What makes the striped shirt “French” and why all the stripes?

    In this post, I’ll share with you the origins of the striped shirt and how it’s actually worn in France today. I’ll also share some tips on how to wear a striped shirt to make sure you look like a fashionable Frenchie instead of a Where’s Waldo outtake.
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  • ParisFashion

    Parisian Style: 10 Offbeat Chic Fashion Tricks

    Want to get that effortless Parisian style is both unexpected and timelessly chic?

    The French love to mix classic pieces with untraditional elements. Here are 10 ideas to spice up your wardrobe from Parisian Chic (the bible of Paris street style) by fashion deity, Ines de la Fressange:
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  • Closet-RedShirt

    Dress Like A Parisian: Luxury Basics

    So you want to stock your closet with clothes fit for the French?

    Although the concept is pretty foreign to most American consumers, the French live by their “luxury basics.” That is, the French buy higher quality, more expensive products for their day-to-day wear and spend very little on their splurge or spontaneous buys.
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  • French Scarf

    How to Tie a Scarf Like The French

    “You can always spot un américain because they never seem to wear scarves properly,” said a Parisian friend to me one day over un café (that’s an espresso en français). In order to fit in with the fashionably cold-weathered Europeans, it’s important to learn how bundle up like the French.
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