• French-things-to-do-Fairfax-Farmers-Market

    French at Fairfax: Francophile Businesses at LA’s Farmer’s Market

    At the Fairfax Farmer’s Market in LA, you can follow up your shopping with a little French.

    Load up on crêpes from the French Crêpe Company, lead by three French brothers who make some of the best dijon salad dressing I’ve had stateside. These crêpes are huge, and at $7 – 10, some of the cheapest eats you can get within a few miles of The Grove.
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  • Steak-Bordelaise-Recipe

    Simple Steak Bordelaise Recipe

    Steak Bordelaise [bohr•duh•LAIZE] (also known as Entrecôte Bordelaise or Bœuf Bordelaise in French) sounds fancy, but it just means “steak with Bordeaux sauce.”

    As you might imagine from my super professional translation, the most important element of this sauce is reduced Bordeaux wine, though many purists will also argue that the bone marrow really makes it a true bordelaise. Still, if you can’t get your hands on bone marrow or simply don’t want to bother (because really, it’s a weeknight and we’ll skip all the steps we can), a slice of foie gras or other fatty additive would also do.

    Here’s a simple steak bordelaise recipe from a Bordeaux class I took at Cook Street in April:
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  • twelve-restaurant-closing

    Bitter-sweetbreads: The Last Supper

    Goodbyes are hard.

    Especially the goodbyes you’re not ready for. There are things you still want to say, memories you want to hold on to, and that stupid, hopeful speck of denial that maaaybe things aren’t over after all.

    This weekend, one of my favorite restaurants in Denver will be closing, at least momentarily, and I’ll have to say goodbye to this place that has hugged my soul and kept it warm in so many ways.

    To be frank, guys, I’m simply not ready.
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  • P17-Brunch-Review

    Bistro Brunch – P17 Trades Hollandaise for Béarnaise

    Mimosas; poached eggs; the only way you’ll get me out of bed before 10am on a Sunday.

    Yes, Goutasters, today we’re talking about Brunch. Capital B.

    Brunch is not a French concept, but it’s the American meal that aligns best with the French habit of eating as a two hour event, rather than eating in a sprint for fuel. So, as you may imagine, I brunch a lot.

    This summer, I’m falling in love with patio brunches and clever French twists on classic brunch fare like the goodies coming out of the kitchen at my neighborhood bistro, P17, here in Uptown, Denver.
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  • Grand-Cochon-555-2014-food-porn

    All My Food Porn From COCHON 555 {GRAND COCHON} in Aspen

    This weekend, Eater Denver sent me to the 2014 Grand Cochon in Aspen to eat 1200 lbs of pork (thanks, Eater!). They had me guest-write an article with insider details from the competition, and take a few photos. But I took SO many photos – like so many more than they could possibly ever share, so I’ve decided to give my Goutasters the bonus shots.

    Without further ado, dear readers, I present to you all the extra food porn photos I took at Grand Cochon this weekend:
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  • Republique-Los-Angeles-Paris-Brest

    A Paris Brest-fast at République, Los Angeles

    Nuzzled in between a vintage furniture store and a glass shop on La Brea, République is an unassuming LA café with a serious French kitchen.

    The interior looks like a Parisian street market, with big open community tables and stone walls. Multiple bar tops throughout the vast space invite you to pull up a solo seat and enjoy a meal the way I remember so many Parisians would dine – with a newspaper and a big glass of wine.

    In the mornings, a line forms along the bakery case, laden in sweet confections, with rows of baguettes and wine bottles lined up behind it on the wall.
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  • Oysters-Mignonette-Recipe

    Oysters and Bordeaux-Style Mignonette Recipe

    Oysters are such a refreshing summer treat, but I always thought they were one of those “restaurant-only” things that were just impossible to do at home. I mean, who even has a oyster knife?!

    But the truth is, once you learn how to do it (and acquire the knife), it’s really simple. You could even have a shucking party with friends! Here’s a great Bordeaux-style mignonette recipe and some shucking tips I picked up from the Bordeaux cooking class I took at Cook Street last month:
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  • Ocean-To-Table-Journey-of-a-Fish

    Ocean to Table: Journey of a Fish

    Just 4 hours earlier, this grouper arrived in Denver on a refrigerated truck from Miami after a fisherman named Jason long-line caught it off the Gulf of Mexico.
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  • Five-Chefs-Old-Major

    {FIVE} at Old Major Review – 2014 Dinner #1

    It’s a Sunday night, Easter, and 4/20, but tonight 5 of Denver’s best chefs gather to celebrate something far more important than all of that: great food.

    Of course, the holiday(s) have to be acknowledged in some of the food and drink. And though there’s no actual cannabis in the dishes to play on the 4/20 date (unlike some other LA popup dinners we’ve seen), a more general “Colorado-Radical” theme inspires the plates coming out of the Old Major kitchen that Chef Nadine Donovan calls home year round.
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  • Bistro-Barbes-Review

    Bistro Barbès – A Park Hill Secret Serving Nouveau-Parisian Fare

    A new Denver restaurant opened this week with a big-deal chef at the helm, but you probably wont read too much about Bistro Barbès in the papers.

    “We haven’t really done any marketing,” Chef Jon Robbins (formerly of Mizuna) tells a friend over the counter. “I’m concerned about crowding it out. We really want to have enough space for our long term Park Hill clientele.”

    As if it was lifted from its namesake “Barbès” neighborhood in Paris, Bistro Barbès is community first. Good food, good people, zero pretension.
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