• CornerHouseDenverReview

    Corner House: The Denver Bistro Is So Much More And For So Much Less

    One of the perks of French living is that neighborhood bistro – you know the one just down the block where everyone knows your name (and not in the cheesy “Cheers” kind of way).

    The neighborhood bistro is that place where you feel at home, the food is sophisticated but not over priced, and the service is quick but attentive. The Corner House in Denver is just such a place, located in a residential community just across from Jefferson Park.
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  • Edge-Fall-Menu

    The Denver Four Seasons Goes Seasonal… With Their Happy Hour Menu

    Fall is definitely in the air! And it’s starting to find its way into menus, too. Just like how the French love to shop seasonally, eating seasonally can be just as fun.

    Nowhere in Denver makes me feel more elegant or classically chic than the Four Seasons — the men wear suits (which, trust me is hard to find in Denver), the ladies wear real leather shoes (au revoir, Ugg boots!), and the food is just as cross-continental as the guest list.

    The Four Season’s EDGE Restaurant feeds the hotel bar at happy hour, too, so you can dine with Denver’s upper class on a coach budget. And trust me, dine you must!
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  • Sommfilm

    SOMM Film and Reception – A Day in the Sommelier’s Shoes

    [UPDATE: DVDs for SOMM are on sale, but Amazon has already sold out! Order your copy here.]

    If you’re thinking about going to the Boulder screening of SOMM film this week, well I won’t blow it with spoilers.

    But what you can probably figure out from the trailer (below) is that this is a film about wine. And no, I don’t mean Sideways. I mean a film about knowing wine and knowing wine well enough to pass one of the most grueling exams in the world. So what does it take to become a Master Sommelier?
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  • HarvestWeekTailgate

    Hedonist’s Guide to Tailgating: A Harvest Dinner, Denver Bronco’s Style

    Harvest Week is a special week in Denver when chefs and eaters gather for an amazing collaboration of some of the city’s best restaurants. It’s sort of a grand picnic – gourmet style.

    Monday last week, our Harvest Week chefs also happened to team up with another group of the city’s favorites – the Denver Broncos – for a gourmet tailgate. The food was inventive and just as incredible as the Bronco’s offense.
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  • CafeMaxDenver

    Café Max – A European Café Nestled Into Colfax

    Café Max.

    The place deserves its own sentence. What a café! Rich with people, rich with design, rich with flavor, rich with class.
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  • Parallel17Beignets

    A New 17th Avenue Dessert Spot? A Hidden D Bar Alternative

    I LOVE D Bar Desserts probably more than I could love another human being, but clearly so does everyone else. And I mean EVERYONE. We’ve all been there — dying of hunger around the foyer, hoping the gate keeper will announce a free spot at the bar or that a table has cleared away. Sometimes we even give up, grab a to-go order, and go eat in the car.

    But maybe the future does not look so bleak, weary dessert seekers!
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  • LuauDenverFive

    FIVE at FIVE™ {Dinner #4} Review — Luau

    The final Denver dinner from the Denver FIVE™ was a huge luau in downtown Denver. The old District Meats space was decked out with luau gear to welcome us and send the FIVE™ chefs off to their out-of-state dinner this month at the James Beard House in NY.
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  • Seattle

    Seattle French Food And Adventures

    August. The month when every Frenchie goes on vacation.

    This month-long exodus is SO popular in French culture that the word “vacation” is even plural, perhaps to refer to a vacation’s implied multi-week duration.

    We in the states are not so lucky, but quick summer vacations still make for fantastic adventures — even when you’re traveling alone. So here’s how to enjoy a month’s worth of Seattle in a short, solo-weekend:
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  • SqueakyBeanEaterHappyHour

    The Squeaky Bean Hosts Eater Denver Happy Hour

    Given the major accolades and shake-ups at The Squeaky Bean recently, the Eater Denver happy hour became a sort of un-intentional toast goodbye to Max MacKissock’s hand in the kitchen.

    A fun “chips n dips” happy hour menu was sprawled out on the buffet and $5 drinks were swinging at the packed bar. Dips included extra gourmet options like goat cheese or eggplant spread, though classics like PB&J were very popular.
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  • EpernayLoungeReview

    French Elegance Meets Japanese Refinement: Epernay Lounge

    Just like the thousands of bottles of Champagne maturing under the streets of Épernay, France, Epernay Lounge hides just under the Downtown Denver bustle in a cool cave of French luxury and Japanese refinement.
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