Kir: How To Make The Easiest French Cocktail

The best way to appear French at a dinner party is offer your guests an apéritif (AH-pear-a-teef), that is, a pre-dinner cocktail. The classic French apéritif is a Kir, a meeting of blackcurrant liqueur and dry white wine produced in Burgundy. How to make Kir: 1/5 Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) 4/5 … Read more

There’s No Place Like Rhône


  The Rhône Valley can be a big party pleaser for its intense wines, both red and white. So click those ruby wine sippers and come with me as we explore the region’s Northern and Southern sides. Northern Rhône Valley Syrah and Viognier The Northern Rhône Valley reds are full, intense, and … Read more

Review of Z Cuisine’s A Cote Restaurant in Denver


Tucked away in a totally overlook-able corner of the lower highlands neighborhood, Z Cuisine looks like it could sit next to any café in Belleville, Paris. The exterior walls are shellac-ed with art and mis-matched sets of outdoor bistro furniture line the entrance. On one half of the quirky restaurant is the … Read more

Lunch at Le Grand Bistro: French Comfort Food


Sometimes I love to have long lunches “for one.” Either in the company of my laptop, a good book, or simply my thoughts. I pick a place with good food, uncrowded seating, and I plop myself down for an hour or two. Le Grand Bistro is one of my favorites for such … Read more