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Food and drink

Kir: How To Make The Easiest French Cocktail

The best way to appear French at a dinner party is offer your guests an apéritif (AH-pear-a-teef), that is, a pre-dinner cocktail. The classic French apéritif is a Kir, a meeting of blackcurrant liqueur and dry white wine produced in Burgundy. How to make Kir: 1/5 Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant […]

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There’s No Place Like Rhône

The Rhône Valley can be a big party pleaser for its intense wines, both red and white. So click those ruby wine sippers and come with me as we explore the region’s Northern and Southern sides. Northern Rhône Valley Syrah and Viognier The Northern Rhône Valley reds are full, intense, […]

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Franco-Foodie Adventures in Los Angeles

One of the first questions people ask you in Los Angeles is “where are you from?” because most people aren’t actually from LA. I’m a rare exception, growing up a child of the beach amidst many transplants. But these transplants are what I love most about my hometown. They create […]