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Easy Steak Au Poivre Recipe (Bordeaux Style)

Steak is such a classic French bistro dish that it gets a whole chapter in Ann Mah’s book, Mastering the Art of French Eating. But it’s also surprisingly easy to cook at home. Contrary to most Americans’ perspectives of steak being a special, “fancy” dish, I almost always prefer to […]

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Simple Steak Bordelaise Recipe

Difficulty Easy

Steak Bordelaise [bohr•duh•LAIZE] (also known as Entrecôte Bordelaise or Bœuf Bordelaise in French) sounds fancy, but it just means “steak with Bordeaux sauce.” As you might imagine from my super professional translation, the most important element of this sauce is reduced Bordeaux wine, though many purists will also argue that […]

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Faux Gras – Vegetarian Foie Gras Recipes

Well, you all proved me wrong! Turns out foie gras is still pretty controversial despite my best efforts to explain why I keep it in my diet. I’m grateful to have the debate and to be so heartily overruled by comments and social media – frankly, the possibility of igniting […]

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A {modified} Madeleines Recipe

Like many of us, I’m much more of an “eater” than a baker, but there’s one cookie worth baking: the Madeleine. The only problem is that I have no idea where I put the recipe my teacher’s wife gave me, but I kind of still have the gist — I […]