Cravings During Your First Trimester & How To Cope With Them

If you are currently going through pregnancy then it can be a joyous time but one that is filled with lots of discomfort as well. Even though your tummy doesn’t feel too good and you feel that you want to throw up, you still have cravings for certain items of food and it can be very difficult to understand. As a pregnant woman, your doctor expects you to eat lots of good food including fresh fruit and vegetables, but sometimes you just want to put some sugary snacks in your mouth and just never stop eating. Some expectant mothers have craved extremely unusual things like non-food items and so at times like this, you might be worried about your unborn child.

These first semester cravings can be very difficult things to deal with and these cravings can start at any point of your pregnancy but they usually rear their heads during the first trimester. The good news is that the cravings will begin to decline once you hit the third trimester, but it is going to take a lot of willpower on your part to get through this difficult time. There are many old wive’s tales out there that say whatever food you are craving may be an indication of the sex of your child and even the personality as well. It’s important that you understand that this just isn’t true. The following are just some of the things that you can do to cope with these unusual cravings.

  • Try a little yoga – When you want to take your mind off particular cravings like the tasty Texas BBQ then it’s usually a good idea to try to do some meditation and yoga helps greatly with that. Maybe going for a walk may help to clear your mind or spending some time with close friends and family can help to put these things at the back of your mind.
  • Look for healthier alternatives – If you are craving sugary snacks then it might be an idea to look for something in the fruit section that is equally as sweet but is better for you and your baby. Many expectant mothers crave high calorie foods and so if you have to give in to your pregnancy craving, then make sure that you have much smaller portions.
  • Take the vegetarian route – Many expectant mothers crave processed food that is incredibly bad for your body at the best of times and so if you want a particular animal product then it always makes more sense to go for the vegetarian option that tastes kind of the same, it has a lot less fat, salt and fewer calories as well.

The hope here is that your cravings will consist of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, but if you start wanting things that are not good for you and your baby then it always makes sense to find a healthier alternative. It can be incredibly difficult to ignore your cravings altogether, but it is entirely possible if you put your mind to it. If you want that cake, then enjoy a slice and not the whole thing.