How Many Strains of Marijuana Are There

As of July 2021, there are eighteen states (plus D.C.) that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis. Some of the most recent additions have been Virginia, New Mexico, and Connecticut.

While the specific laws differ between states, most states use a model where marijuana is sold at specific dispensaries that must follow certain regulations.

If you’re thinking about trying weed for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by how many options you have. Not only do you get to choose between types of marijuana products like flower, concentrate, edibles, and much more, but there are also lots of different strains.

How many strains of marijuana are there, anyway? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What Is a Marijuana Strain?

If you go to a dispensary to purchase cannabis, you will likely find that they divide their selection into three main categories. These are sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Indica cannabis originated in the Hindu Kush mountains of India and is thought to be a more relaxing type of weed. Sativa is known to have a more energizing effect. Hybrid strains are types of weed that result from crossing an indica strain from a sativa strain.

Beyond these categories, though, there are also countless different named strains you can buy which typically fall into one of these classifications. To create new strains of weed, breeders use a male plant of one strain to pollinate the female plant of another to create something entirely new.

In states where cannabis isn’t legal, some consumers have been experimenting with delta 8 THC. Check out to learn about the top delta 8 flower strains of the year.

How Many Strains of Marijuana Are There?

Growers and producers of marijuana are creating new strains each year. With cannabis increasingly legal for medicinal and recreational purposes in the U.S., it can be hard to know just how many strains there are out there.

According to a study from 2015, there are more than 700 different types of weed strains. However, one can assume that countless strains have been created since then. In fact, according to one paper published in the Journal of Cannabis research, there are actually more than 2000 named strains available to consumers.

Which Strains of Weed Are Right for You?

There are so many different weed strain names that it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to make a decision. To help you narrow down your options, you’ll want to first think about what the effects you desire are.

You can then either choose strains that you want to try and find dispensaries that supply them or you can choose your dispensary first. The latter idea can be helpful if you’re getting decision-making anxiety from the whole process, as it will narrow down your choices for you.

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