Paris Elopements – Saying “Oui” in the City of Lights


“Elope” literally means running away and never coming back. Perhaps that’s why so many couples choose to elope in Paris – it’s a city that makes you never want to go anywhere else!

I’ve always thought my hypothetical wedding would be a traditional American ceremony; my giant family, a first dance, a big tasteless wedding cake that costs more than a used car. But with the higher costs of wedding expenses and the lack of cash in our wallets, I can totally see the appeal of running away with your beau and blowing the whole budget on some Loubies, Moet, and room service. Maybe throw in some Laudrée macarons for the “cake” while you’re at it.

Here are my favorite shots of Paris elopements that make you just want to run away and never come back:


Photos sourced from my Weddings and Parties Pinterest board