6 French Artists You Should Be Listening To Now

As much as we LOVE Coeur de Pirate and C2C, there are plenty of impressive French bands you might not have on your iPods… yet! Here are just 6 French musical artists you should download immediately:

1. La Femme (indie rock) —

Super catchy and ultra-cool, La Femme’s indie rock tracks have you singing along in French.

2. Françoiz Breut (singer songwriter) —

The ultimate in French female vocals, Françoiz Breut is even under-noticed in her home country. Her style can range from breathy to slightly indie rock:

3. Klub de Loosers (hip hop) —

There are plenty of French hip hop artists, but Klub de Loosers is one of the most creative.

4. Camille (pop) —

Camille is part of that whole wave of French pop singers who are just a little bit… well.. weird. Her latest album draws music from sounds made with the human body.

5. Ben l’Oncle Soul (soul) —

France’s contribution to the soul scene:

6. BB Brunes (dance/ indie rock) —

The only not to love about BB Brunes is that their awesome sound is only available on the French iTunes, so downloading in the US can be a pain. My solution was to purchase the album on Amazon, which is kind of fun in its own way because you get to relive the glory days of the 90s when portable music meant a CD player and a book of discs.

Who are your favorite French musicians of the moment? Have you heard of any of the artists I mention here? Let me know in the comments!