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Are Lentils Vegetables or Grains? Example of Lentils and TOP-3 Recipes

Difficulty Easy

So, today we’ll get to know about lentils. Are Lentils Vegetables Or Grains? Lentils are technically pulses, along with beans and peas. Vegetables include any edible part of any plant, thus encompassing multiple food groups. Grains are hard, dry seeds, small-sized, and lacking any fruit layer. Thus, to answer “What […]


How to Dress like a French Woman over 50 (60, 40)

The Parisian style, a quintessential epitome of everything French, is an expression of elegant, carefree, and effortless fashion reflecting contemporary street styles and the latest global trends. Swapping between popular selections signifies the fashion-forward independent free thinker. However, the French woman emphasizes the classics. Timeless pieces, neutral tones, and a […]


Best Easy Eggless French Toast Recipes to Make at Home

Cooks in 10 Minutes Difficulty Easy

French toast without eggs sounds paradoxical. Yet, it is possible and quite yummy too. French toast recipes without eggs are quite useful for those who are vegans or vegetarians or those who are allergic or intolerant to eggs.