7 Things to Consider When Ordering Fruit Hampers Online

A fruit hamper is a basket filled with various fruits. It is traditionally given as gifts but can also be bought for personal use. Most fruit hampers contain bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, grapefruits, or tangerines. It is beautifully arranged, making it pleasing to the recipient’s eye. Fruit hampers that are made as gifts offer more than fruit to tempt the palate of the recipient. It may also contain a selection of cheeses, jams, nuts, summer sausage, and gourmet crackers.

Fruit hampers can be ordered online at different gift basket merchants from different places, just like fruit hampers Sydney. They can also be delivered to different locations. You can send them as thank you gifts, birthday gifts, or even as get-well gifts and for other special occasions.  It can be a great gift idea if you are not sure of what to send as a gift.

However, if you are thinking of ordering fruit hampers online, there are some things that you need to learn about first. This way, you will be able to get the best fruit hampers for your loved ones. To help you, below are seven things to consider when ordering fruit hampers online.

an assortment of fruits

1. Do some research about the online fruit distributor before placing your order

When ordering fruit hampers online, avoid making assumptions about online vendors. Take the same care in choosing as you would if you were buying it in a physical store. One of the things that you can do is look for reviews from previous customers. Learn about their experiences and see if they are recommending the store to other buyers.

2. Be careful when making your selections online

Keep in mind that when ordering fruit hampers online, you have a lot of time. Therefore, you should not rush the process. Take plenty of time, especially if it is your first time. This is important because when you make an error in an online order, it can be a hassle to make adjustments or corrections to your order. This is because some vendors rely solely on email or other platforms for correspondence with customers and do not give out telephone numbers. But it is also better if you can find a vendor that has a telephone number that you can call in case of issues with your order.

3. Consider the eating habits of the recipient of the fruit hamper

Before you order a fruit hamper online for a loved one, you first need to consider his or her eating habits. Obviously, you do not want to send them a collection of fruits that they do not like. In order to avoid this, try to do a bit of research. Try to find out what fruits they like. This can be easy if the person is on a healthy diet. Doing this step will help you make sure that the person receiving the fruit hamper will truly appreciate it.

4. Choose whether to include sweets or stuffed toys along with the fruits

You should also consider the type of sweets or other gourmet products your recipient enjoys. You can choose to add chocolates and other sweets as these can also increase the beauty and the meaning of the basket. If you are sending it to a special someone, then you can also add a stuffed toy like a teddy bear to the basket. This way, your special someone feels more special.

5. Pick if the fruit hamper is for singles or families and if it is going to be in a basket or box

When you send a fruit hamper, it is also nice to consider whether the recipient lives alone or with a family. If you are ordering one for only one person, the basket size needs to be smaller. For a larger family, you need to adjust the size according to how many they are at home. It will also possibly offer various treats and other collections of fruits.

Aside from that, the shape of the fruit container also matters. If you pick a smaller box or basket, it won’t be able to hold all the fruits that are going to be placed in them. Therefore, you need to choose something of an ideal size that can accommodate all the fruits that you want to include, along with the sweets or other items that you are ordering.

6. Always make the address clear

When ordering a fruit hamper online, it is also essential to be clear with the address where the fruits will be delivered. It’s because couriers or other shipping contractors online may not know or are not familiar with the area in which the delivery is being made. With this, you need to know the exact address, including the spelling of the name or business and an apartment number or suite number, if there’s any. This way, you can ensure that the fruit hamper will be delivered to the right person or location.

7. Allow additional time for your order to arrive at its destination

Another thing you need to consider when ordering fruit hampers online is the date that your order will arrive. Do not assume that just because you are using the Internet that your order will also arrive fast. The difference between ordering fruit baskets online and buying them in physical stores is that you can order whenever you like, and you may also order directly from the distributor. If you are going to give it as a gift for a special occasion, you need to plan and order ahead of time to make sure that the fruit hamper will arrive at its destination at the right time.


These are the seven things that you need to consider when ordering fruit hampers online. You just always have to ensure that when ordering a fruit hamper online, the company should be able to deliver it fresh to the recipient. No matter what special occasion or holiday, you surely want your fruit basket to be filled with fresh fruits. We hope these tips will make it easier for you to shop for the freshest and most beautiful fruit hampers online.