A New 17th Avenue Dessert Spot? A Hidden D Bar Alternative

I LOVE D Bar Desserts probably more than I could love another human being, but clearly so does everyone else. And I mean EVERYONE. We’ve all been there — dying of hunger around the foyer, hoping the gate keeper will announce a free spot at the bar or that a table has cleared away. Sometimes we even give up, grab a to-go order, and go eat in the car.

But maybe the future does not look so bleak, weary dessert seekers!

I recently spent an evening at Parallel 17 just down the street and found their desserts to be the real stars of their menu – desserts that could certainly satisfy a D Bar hunger with a little less wait.

Banana Spring Rolls come drudged in Sweet Action caramel — a sinful ecstasy on its own, but tastes even better in the company of these flaky and hot pastry shelled bananas and paired with cool ice cream. At $7, you can get even get two orders (and you might want to, especially when you’re dining with a very hungry boyfriend cough cough).


Fluffy beignets come out of the oven piping hot and covered in powdered sugar with a nice drizzle of condensed milk to give it that vietnamese edge on a French-creole classic. $6

Vietnamese Coffee Crème Brûlée will certainly do the trick for a coffee or crème brûlée lover — a silky smooth custard and a richly caramelized top to crack open. $7

Bizarre Cotton Candy flavors satisfy the adventurous eater in your group, with some nice asian-inspired options like Lemongrass that are not as sickly sweet as the carnival variety. $4

So I’m not saying you should give up on D Bar entirely. It’s still one of my favorite spots on the 17th Avenue strip. But the next time you get a sweet tooth and don’t have the time to wait for your “cake and shake,” think about grabbing some macarons to-go and heading across the street for some seriously tasty desserts with a franco-asian edge.