A sketch comparison between Sydney and Perth

Sydney and Perth are very different. Sydney is a bustling tourist destination, while Perth is much quieter. Sydney is known for its harbour, Opera House, beaches, and lively energy. Perth is known for its charming bars, creative atmosphere, and natural beauty. Sydney has a much faster pace of life than Perth. Sydney is bigger and more populous, while Perth has a more compact centre which makes it easy to navigate. Perth’s centre is small, but the city is very dispersed. Sydney has a typical city layout and busy modern streets.

The beaches.

The Sydney area has over 100 beaches with golden, or dark orange sands often framed by sandstone headlands. Ocean pools can be found along the Sydney coast, where you can swim safely. There are great surfing spots around both Sydney and Perth. Perth’s beaches are tropical and pristine, but Sydney’s beaches have a bustling, Mediterranean feel. There is always plenty of space on the deserted Perth sands, but around Sydney, the shores are always packed so you may appreciate a quieter location like the northern shores and stay in one of the beautiful hotels Newport has to offer.

The locations.

Sydney lies on a developed coastline. Brisbane and Cairns are found to the north, and Melbourne and Adelaide to the south. Driving distances are long but Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia are all short flights from Sydney. Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. The nearest state capital, Adelaide is a 30-hour drive from Perth.

The nightlife.

Perth is much quieter at night than Sydney. There are plenty of bars across the city, but they don’t get really busy and close early compared to European cities. Sydney’s nightlife is exciting and diverse. There is late-night entertainment all over the city, any night of the week. Many bars have licenses until four or five a.m. Sydney is famous for varied music events such as concerts, live comedy, and street performers.

Things to do.

There’s plenty to do in and around Perth but you need a car. Many attractions feature the outstanding natural beauty of the area. The King’s Parks and Botanic Gardens are highlights, as is the Swan River, the Perth Mint, the historical Bell Tower, the State War Memorial, and the Perth Cultural Center. You can also hike to Mount Eliza for sweeping views of the city. Sydney has a lot more to see and do. It has great museums, art galleries, and concerts, also great shopping, curious street art, zoos, and gardens. Finally, there is the Skywalk, which offers panoramic views of the city.

The relative costs.

The only thing that is cheaper in Sydney than Perth is eating out. However, Sydney has a much more varied restaurant culture with a diverse food scene, plenty of tourist-orientated menus, and local and foreign chain restaurants. Overall, Perth is more affordable than Sydney, but Sydney has a greater variety of attractions on offer which obviously contributes to your spending. Both cities are amazing, but they each have a different appeal.