An Expat’s Guide to Enjoying Colombian Breakfast Like a Local

As an expat in Colombia, immersing oneself in the local culture often starts with a delicious foray into the country’s authentic cuisine. The first meal of the day, breakfast, is a deeply ingrained part of Colombian culture, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of the nation. Here is a guide on how you can relish Colombian breakfast places near me just like a local.

Dive into the Flavours of the Colombian Morning

A quintessential Colombian breakfast is a hearty and nutritious affair designed to fuel the day ahead. If you’re an expat seeking to enjoy breakfast like a local, here are some signature must-tries dishes.                                                              Colombian Breakfast:10783 Narcoossee Rd Suite 125 – 129, Orlando, FL 32832

  1. Arepa con Huevos (Arepa with Eggs): Arepa, a round, flat bread made of maize dough, is a staple in Colombian cuisine. Typically, for breakfast, Arepa is stuffed with eggs, either scrambled (revueltos) or whole (enteros), and is often accompanied by a hot cup of Colombian coffee or hot chocolate. This savory, protein-rich dish is a fantastic way to kickstart your day.
  2. Calentado: Translating to “heated,” Calentado is a delightful concoction of leftovers from the previous night’s meal. It usually comprises rice, beans, shredded beef, or chicken, topped with a fried egg, and served with an Arepa. This breakfast dish perfectly encapsulates the Colombian ethos of reducing waste and maximizing flavor.
  3. Changua (Milk Soup with Eggs): This dish may seem unusual to newcomers, but it’s a traditional breakfast staple prevalent in Bogota. The soup is a warm, comforting mix of milk, cilantro, scallions, and poached eggs, served with a piece of bread.

Colombian Coffee – The Essential Wake-Up Call

It is virtually only possible to discuss Colombian breakfast by mentioning the country’s world-renowned coffee. Colombia’s rich, volcanic soil lends its coffee beans a unique flavor profile characterized by a mild, well-balanced taste. Most Colombians start their day with a hot cup of ‘tinto’ (black coffee), but for a special treat, try a ‘café con Leche (coffee with milk), which adds a creamy richness to the bold coffee flavor.

Colombian Bakeries – A Sweet Exploration

For a taste of Colombian tradition, visit the Orlando Dessert Shop. Sweetbreads, pastries, and desserts are common additions to a Colombian breakfast spread. Pandebono (cheese bread), Roscon (sweet roll filled with arequipe or guava paste), and Buñuelos (deep-fried cheese balls) are just a few bakery items to whet your appetite.

Exploring the Local Markets

To fully embrace the Colombian breakfast experience, expats are encouraged to explore the local markets. These bustling hubs of activity are where locals buy the freshest ingredients for their meals. Buying local produce and cooking your Colombian breakfast is a fulfilling way to immerse yourself in the culinary culture.

Understanding Dining Etiquette

To eat like a local, it’s also crucial to understand Colombian dining etiquette. Colombians traditionally have a more substantial breakfast at home before heading to work. During the weekends, breakfast is often a leisurely family affair. Try adopting these practices to enjoy Colombian breakfast in its most authentic form.

While settling into a new country can be daunting, adapting to the culinary culture is often one of the most rewarding aspects of the expat experience. Exploring Colombian breakfast will satiate your taste buds and give you a taste of the country’s rich heritage and warm hospitality.