Choosing Top Online Betting Sites: How Can You Know if They’re Safe

The global online gambling and betting market in 2019 was around $50 billion, but the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach $100 billion by 2026.

It’s no secret that online betting sites are taking over and their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With great popularity comes risks. More fraudulent websites are showing up posing as reputable betting platforms.

You can avoid this by knowing how to choose the top online betting sites. Read on to learn more.

Spotting a Dangerous Online Betting Site

During your search for the top online betting sites, you need to know how to spot dangerous ones. It’s always worth it to double-check certain factors before giving your money away.

No Casino Registration

Some online gambling sites don’t meet national legislation and aren’t considered legitimate websites as a result. These are dangerous sites that don’t fall within the jurisdiction of the law.

Safe casino sites will meet legal standards regarding the following:

  • Payouts
  • Handling data
  • Payment methods
  • Player safeguarding

In many cases, websites without a gambling license and those that don’t follow the above guidelines are illegal.

To check credentials of this kind, check the bottom of the homepage. The best online gambling sites will have national regulatory links and relevant gambling commissions listed.

You can check the links to ensure the site is approved by the law.

Keep in mind that if you choose to bet on a site that is based outside of your country, you won’t have the same legal protections as those living in that country.

Not Checking IDs

Online betting sites ask for personal information like a name, address, age, and payment details. This information will be kept safe on a reputable site. However, dangerous sites will exploit your information leaving you at risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

A giant indicator that a casino site is dangerous is if they don’t ask for proof of ID during the signup process. This safety measure can prove age and prove that the payment method you choose matches your identity.

Another red flag to check during the signup process is if the casino offers credit card payments. What many don’t know is that recently some countries and states have banned the use of credit cards on betting sites.

Many sites do this to protect their users. Banning credit cards can prevent money laundering and fraudulent issues.

If an online casino does allow credit cards as a payment method, check the latest regulations in your country and state. More than likely, an online betting site will ask you to use a debit card or other form of payment.

Payout Fraud Reputation

The biggest danger of an illegal betting site is payout fraud. The likelihood of gaining back the defrauded funds is very low, so you’ll want to avoid sites with a reputation for this.

It’s not easy to spot this on an unregulated site so doing your research is essential. The best thing you can do to check a reputation for fraud is to check online reviews.

For example, if you want to bet through the online site Bovada, check out a Bovada review first.

Customer feedback is a great way to understand the dangers of an online betting site. A clear indication that you should stay away from a betting site is complaints about withdrawal payments missing or balances being wiped out.


It’s hard to check glitching on an online betting site without joining it. However, a lot of online casinos offer the chance for newcomers to play for free to first experience what there is to offer before signing up.

Playing free games before committing to a betting site is a great way to test how you like the site, but also check for glitches and other problems. Here are some red flag indications:

  • Games don’t run smoothly
  • Pages regularly fail
  • Help links are missing

Any of these signs mean that the site most likely doesn’t have the requirements that a legit online casino would have. If something doesn’t feel right when you are on a site, listen to your gut!

No Customer Service

All of the top online betting sites will have customer service because it is required by law. If there are various channels to speak to a customer service representative, this is a good sign.

A safe casino might have a 24-hour hotline for players to use anytime they need help. They might also have the following methods to get in touch with guidance operators:

  • Live chat
  • Phone lines
  • Email contact

A casino without at least one customer service channel is not legitimate. Zero contact information is never a great indication.

Spotting the Top Online Betting Sites

It’s easier to spot the top online betting sites than it is to spot the dangerous ones. For many, online casinos are found by word-of-mouth or online reviews.

The contributing factors that indicate a safe online casino include:

  • High-rated and positive online reviews
  • Extensive bonus options
  • Safety guarantees
  • Smartphone app
  • Various deposit methods
  • Free play and test games
  • Responsive customer service

There are compromises you’ll have to make when choosing an online site like the choice of games, freedom to play on a smartphone, etc., as casino sites won’t have everything. Yet, you should never compromise safety.

Are You Ready to Start Betting Online?

Choosing the top online betting sites takes research and time. To get the best results, play free games and get the full experience before committing to the signup process.

Betting online is only a risk if you don’t know how to spot the dangerous sites. Don’t take any red flags lightly. Take what you’ve learned from this guide to start betting online.

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