Do Beard Growth Kits work? Expert Insight

A signature look can stake your place in the spotlight when it comes to the dating and job markets — well, mostly that’s where we want to stand out!

The only problem is, you may feel lost when trying to achieve the look that you want. With everything from growing a beard to neckties to nose rings, there are so many choices out there, but not everyone wants to do it all.

When talking about beard growth, getting a beard growth kit comes to mind. But then the question arises, do beard growth kits work?

Here’s what you should know about using beard growth products.

Considering Stimulation of Hair Follicles

Despite claims to the contrary, beard growth kits may not always work, although in some cases, results may be evident. Considering the stimulation of hair follicles, an expert might look into the ingredients of beard growth kits to determine whether or perhaps the said stimulation might occur. It is important to remember that even if hair follicles have been stimulated, no guaranteed result is apparent.

Considering Moisturization and Nourishment

Beard growth kits are a mainstay in the grooming and styling industry, and many men turn to them for help in growing their beards. But while they do offer some assistance in helping your beard grow, the key is to provide the right type of nourishment and moisturization to give your facial hair the right environment to grow.

This includes eating a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals. It also includes making sure your skin is well hydrated. Additionally, you should use a high-quality beard growth kit to aid in stimulating the production of facial hair.

A kit should include nourishing ingredients like:

  • hemp seed oil
  • castor oil
  • vitamins A, B, and E

If you stick to a combination of moisturizing, nourishing, and stimulating your facial hair and give it proper attention, you’ll find much success with a beard growth kit.

Considering Genetic Factors

Beard growth kits work by providing the necessary ingredients to improve beard quality and growth, including nutritive:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • proteins
  • other components

Considering genetic factors, however, completed growth and quality of a beard are highly regulated by the individual’s genetic makeup.

Though growth kits are known to improve the growth and quality of beards, they will not completely override the programming established within each individual’s genes. Therefore, it is important to take into account genetic factors.

Considering Consistency and Patience

When it comes to growing a beard due to beard problems, consistency and patience are essential. It takes time for your facial hair to even start growing out and even longer for it to grow to its full, desired length. While some of these quick-fix kits for beard care might help accelerate the growth process, there’s no way to truly speed it up.

Invest in products that hydrate and nourish the hair rather than promise you a quick fix. Or, if you want to have a faster and more long-lasting result, then a beard transplant in Seattle is the way to go.

So, Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Do beard growth kits work? Beard growth kits do work to some extent and with dedication and consistency in use, those with patchy beards may achieve fuller coverage.

However, the quality of the product and users’ dedication seems to weigh heavily on results and you should look to use a trusted brand. If you’re looking to grow a thicker beard, consider giving a beard growth kit a try or look into other options.

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