French Elegance Meets Japanese Refinement: Epernay Lounge


Just like the thousands of bottles of Champagne maturing under the streets of Épernay, France, Epernay Lounge hides just under the Downtown Denver bustle in a cool cave of French luxury and Japanese refinement.


Happy hour offers the ultimate in French treats like Champagne and oysters with Japanese accompaniments. Order $3 handrolls or $5 maki to go with your glass of bubbly for a delightful twist on the classic pairing.


Epernay also has an extensive Champagne selection (the largest in Denver). My favorite French cocktail to make at home, the Kir Royal, is even on the drink menu along side some other delicious creations like a Samurai Old Fashioned that had everyone at the table gawking.

The Epernay rolls are definitely innovative featuring ingredients like jalapeno yellowtail to the even more exotic Blue Devil, highlighted by deviled egg filling and topped with blue cheese.

Gras Recipes

The Blue Devil was sort of an accident, really, when the staff had extra deviled eggs from a catering event and decided to make some experimental sushi for themselves. The results were so tasty, the roll eventually made it to the menu.

The Papa Bear roll also features some unusual filling: seaweed salad. It adds a great texture to the roll and some acid as well.


These non-happy hour rolls wont break the bank either at just $7 – 12 for most. So grab some friends, pop a bottle, and indulge at Denver’s best kept sushi secret.

How do you like to indulge after work? What are some of your favorite ways to fuse French and Japanese cuisine? Let me know in the comments!