Everything You Need to Know to Create a Winning College Application

Applying for college can be daunting, especially if you want to get into a top school or into a competitive program. If you haven’t spent the entirety of your high school career excelling academically and socially, meaning you’ve taken on extra-curricular activities, then it can be incredibly difficult to get accepted into a top school. They are, simply enough, too popular. Just because you may not be able to get into your top program, however, does not mean that you won’t be accepted for a great degree that will help you in your future career.Regardless of whether you go for your top choice or for a new, exciting option, you will want to use this guide to help you improve your college application:

What are the Real Application Requirements?

The application requirements you’ll see on any university’s website are the bare minimum. This means that getting in with those scores depends entirely on how popular the course is. If the number of applicants is the same as the number of positions, everyone will get in. If there are more applicants than spaces, then only the best of the bunch will get in. That’s why you should always use www.campusreel.org to understand your chances of getting into any specific college.

Students attending the University of Miami, for example, have, on average, a 3.6 GPA and a 1295 SAT score. If you don’t have at least those scores, you’ll want to have great extracurriculars and credentials. You could enter into competitions, use projects, or even curate a portfolio of your work. This is particularly useful for those who excel in one subject but not in others. If you have perfect grades in your chosen subject, and the program in question focuses on said subject, you may get in even with a lower average GPA since it’s topics that aren’t relevant to your degree.

There isn’t a guarantee, however, so aim to bring up your grades to at least average.

Understand the Outcomes of the Program

Read through the entire course description and always get in touch with a course advisor so that you clearly understand the outcomes. This includes what knowledge you should have, what skills, and what you’ll be prepared for career-wise once you graduate. Knowing this information can help you choose the right program for you, and it also creates an easy, effective road map for your college application essay.

Writing a Top Application Essay

You don’t need to write about yourself, but about your goals. If you can clearly explain why the program you’re applying for will help you with your goals and then provide evidence of your passion for the field, you will be well on your way to creating an excellent essay. Only include personal information if you can tie it into a key skill or piece of evidence. If you were the eldest child and had to manage to raise your younger siblings while you study, you are showcasing your ability to work hard and excel even in demanding situations. Always relate personal and professional experiences to why the program is right for you.