Lunch at Le Grand Bistro: French Comfort Food

Sometimes I love to have long lunches “for one.” Either in the company of my laptop, a good book, or simply my thoughts. I pick a place with good food, uncrowded seating, and I plop myself down for an hour or two.

Le Grand Bistro is one of my favorites for such a lunch. The service is impeccable. I’m always well attended – but never pushed out the door – and the little treats make me feel like I’m at home… Or what my home would be if it were in Paris.


So maybe you can’t have a champagne brunch everyday, but Le Grand Bistro will still put bubbles on your table if you ask for it. At no additional charge, you can have bubbly water with your meal – a luxury I most definitely appreciate.

Miam Miam!

Lunch options range from $7 (Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup – a favorite on a snowy day) to $12 (Mussels au Saffron – an awesome patio treat) to $17 (Steak Frites – hearty and filling).



Other menu favorites include a great Salade Niçoise ($11) and classic Croque Madame ($9). Try it with some French Onion Soup ($6) to make a more complete meal.

Keep the Bread Coming

The bread at Le Grand is some of the best in town, so don’t pass up the offer when a server asks if you’d like her to slice you up some baguette served with lemon pepper butter – divine!


I love the bread so much that I typically put in an order to take a baguette home with me after my meal. They are usually $6, but will show up as a mere $2.50 on your bill if you order it with lunch.


Even if you don’t order it, you may get a cute little house made cookie after your lunch sandwich. I just love these little details!

UPDATE: Le Grand Bistro Closed Permanently 5/25/2014

How do you do lunches for one? What’s your favorite French restaurant in Denver? Let us know in the comments below!