Le Grand Bistro – French Delicacy at a Bargain Price


UPDATE: Le Grand Bistro Closed Permanently 5/25/2014

While the regular menu is pretty comparably priced with other restaurants downtown, Le Grand Bistro’s happy hour menu reminds us that French delicacy can not only be quite affordable, but it can often be a downright bargain.

Fancy French Treats: Oysters and Champagne

Often reserved for special occasions like New Year’s Eve, Champagne and Oysters would seem like a splurge. However, at Le Grand Bistro, you can taste both for under $5 total. During Happy Hour, Le Grand offers a select oyster for $1.25 a piece and a sparkling wine for $3 a glass.

There’s something ever-so-chic about sipping some bubbly and slurping an oyster at the bar while the sun sets over downtown; I’m sure the French would approve.


“Everything in moderation… including moderation.” ― Julia Child

The oysters are so delicious, it’s tempting to make a meal of it and order a dozen, but Le Grand doesn’t impose a minimum order on its oysters and I quite enjoyed the luxury of ordering a single shell.

Out it came on its own platter with just as much accoutrement as would be afforded a dozen: lemons, fresh shaved horseraddish, cocktail sauce, and house mignonette (mihn-yoh-NEHT). Miam! What a delicious treat!


Le Grand Bistro Happy Hour

Monday – Friday, 3p to 6p
At the Bar
$3 Red & White Select Wines
$3 Rosé & Brut
$3 Trumer Pilsner
$1.25 Oysters
$7 Duck Prosciutto
$6 French Onion Soup

UPDATE: Le Grand Bistro Closed Permanently 5/25/2014

What are your favorite French “snacks”? Do you splurge at happy hour? Let me know in the comments!