More Than Storage: How to Make the Most Out of Your Garage Renovation

There are several spaces throughout the home that have the potential to be renovated. From upgrades to complete remodels, you can maximize both space and value.

If you notice you have a room in your home that is lacking in style or just isn’t being used at all, why not try a renovation? 

A room that constantly ends up becoming a storage unit is a garage. However, there are several options for a garage renovation.

Continue reading to learn about what you can do to give your garage a makeover.

Renovate a Garage

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to begin a renovation. You should make plans for your space which include factors like budget and what you want to convert your garage into.

For example, do you need electrical or plumbing additions? Can you do the renovations yourself? You will also need to consider how much you want to renovate. Things like replacing floors or the garage door expand on the entire renovation.

In general, make a plan for what you want the room to look like from top to bottom.

Garage Renovation Ideas

It can be difficult to choose exactly what colors to use, what furniture you want in the room, or if you decide on a general theme. Review these examples for a few ideas:


A very common example is turning a garage space into a gym. You can redo the flooring to make it safe to jump around or prepare for a possible fall. 

Cover a wall in mirrors, install workout equipment, and make space for different sizes of machines. 

Game Room

A garage is a great option for a game room. Due to their usual placement in a house, it’s a good space for making noise without disturbing others in the household. 

Hobby Room

Set up spaces for painting, crafting, or other creative hobbies. Rearrange a blank space to include spaces for storage, a table to craft on, and protective equipment.


If you like gadgets or fixing things yourself, you can convert your garage into a workshop. 

Make it safe for other household members by keeping all your tools away from little ones. You can make storage cabinets, shelves for your tools, and more. 

Living Space

You can renovate a garage to be an extra living space. Maybe you have teenagers who like their own space, or kids with a lot of toys.

Mount a TV up against the wall, grab some old couches, and let them decorate it with posters of their favorite pop stars.

Get Help With Your Renovation

If you need help with your garage renovation that exceeds your capabilities, you can reach out to local companies. 

Select Coatings will assist in upgrading garage flooring to ensure long-lasting, coated concrete floors. Using a superior quality coating, they create flooring that will last decades. 

Start Your Renovation 

These garage renovation ideas are a great starting point for your next big project. Get your plans ready and watch your garage transformation come to life. 

Add value to your home with a hobby room, or add space by using your garage as a bonus room. 

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