Organic Snacks for Toddlers and Kids On The Go

A toddler’s healthy development and well-being depend on many factors, but balanced nutrition is one of the crucial ones. It is vital to provide toddlers with necessary organic food even on the go. Modern parents have to become more attentive when choosing food for their children for different purposes and situations. As a result, organic snacks become an inseparable part of a baby’s diet, especially on the go.

Why choose organic snacks?

Organic snacks play a significant role in providing balanced nutrition for toddlers. Organic snacks do not consist of GMOs, artificial preservatives, sugar, or other harmful substances for the baby, which can negatively affect the baby’s health. Organic snacks contain natural ingredients grown at organic farms, which means without the usage of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. As a result, it can guarantee that the toddler will get products of the best quality without unnecessary chemicals. 

Organic snacks for toddlers on the go

Trips, even short ones, can be a tough call for parents, especially when there is a need to think about the baby’s nutrition. Nevertheless, organic snacks help to make this process simpler and more comfortable. Most of all, the snacks are conveniently packed, and they are easy to carry and open. You can stock up on delicious and healthy bites on the go with the help of organic snacks. Moreover, organic snacks can be a great alternative to fast foods and unhealthy snacks, which are often offered during travel.

Let’s check store – Organic’s Best Shop and have a look at snacks that can be interesting for your toddler. European brand Holle has a great variety of snacks for toddlers and kids on the go. Everyone can find something for the taste of the baby. What are the variants?

  1. Holle Snack Bars. They are suitable for children from 12+ months. It is a very convenient snack with a practical size. They are healthy and certified as bio by the EU. Also, you can choose among variable tastes like apple & banana, pear & apple, carrot & apple.
  2. Holle Snack – Mini-Baby Rusks. This snack is also available for toddlers from 12+ months. It is a lovely snack for children between meals. It is certified as an organic snack by Demeter. Mini-Baby rusks do not contain sugar, only naturally occurring ones. Also, they are lactose and egg free. It is a great choice for babies to bite and munch and train their jaw and chewing muscles. 
  3. Holle Snack – Crunchy Spelt Sticks. This snack is satisfactory for babies from 10+ months. It is a perfect snack for on-the-go situations, between meals, and even for family picnics. It has no added salts or sugars.

The brand HiPP offers organic snacks for toddlers as well. What can you choose?

  1. Fruit muesli snack bar by HiPP is suitable for kids from 12+ months. It is very practical. The snack is small and suitable for the baby’s hands. In the package, you can find mini snack bars, each 10g, with apple aronia and peach grape flavors.
  2. Baby snack millet sticks by HiPP are suitable for babies from 8+ months. It is a gluten-free snack made with organic ingredients. It has a light and airy structure and has no added salts or sugars. Moreover, this snack can help you to teach the baby to eat independently.

Recommendations on how to choose snacks for the toddler:

  1. Look through the composition of the product. You have to be sure that the list of ingredients meets your nutritional requirements and restrictions.
  2. Pay attention to the age. Different snacks are suitable for children of different ages. Pay attention to the package and choose the one that suits your toddler. 
  3. Choose variety. Provide a varied diet by choosing snacks with different flavors and compositions.
  4. Consider the baby’s food preferences. The children can be picky when they start to realize what they like and what they do not. So, try to consider that and choose something the baby will like. 
  5. Store correctly. Follow the storage instructions to maintain the freshness and quality of the product.


Organic snack is not just a convenient variant for kids on the go; it is also a crucial element of balanced nutrition in general. Organic snacks help to provide all necessary additional nutrients and energy for toddlers. Moreover, these snacks will contribute to the baby’s optimal growth and development.