{FIVE} at Old Major Review – 2014 Dinner #1


  It’s a Sunday night, Easter, and 4/20, but tonight 5 of Denver’s best chefs gather to celebrate something far more important than all of that: great food. Of course, the holiday(s) have to be acknowledged in some of the food and drink. And though there’s no actual cannabis in the dishes … Read more

Taking the “Pain” Out Of Champagne


  Champagne (pronounced as shahm-PAHN-yuh in French) doesn’t have to be a pain. Here’s the run-down on the ever popular bubbly so you can sound like a French wine expert in no time. Where Does Champagne Come From? So you probably know that any Champagne you buy is made out of grapes … Read more

FIVE AT FIVE {Dinner #3} Review – Willy Wonka


  It’s hard to think of a more appropriate theme for Chef Ian Kleinman’s night of FIVE at FIVE™ than “Willy Wonka” (except for maybe “Gourmet-fied Frozen TV Dinners,” — Ian, let’s talk). But truly the best chef to bring the world of pure imagination to life is Denver’s own culinary wiz … Read more

10 French Foods To Add To Your Grocery List


  Every family has their own special grocery list, but here are a few items that can add a little French flavor to your kitchen and pantry. 10 French Foods To Add To Your Grocery List 1. Cheese – I rotate between a bunch of favorites and recommendations from my friends at … Read more

How To Decorate The French Way and Beautify Your Home For Spring


  If you’re aiming to fit in with the French, your home should fit in, too. Take one look at even the most urban Parisian apartments and you’ll notice that almost all of them have flowers – in windowsills, in vases, and in courtyards, fresh flowers are very French. If you’re like … Read more

Battle of the West-Side LA Croissants: Café Laurent vs. Amandine


  With the recent appearance of the “cronut” in Santa Monica, you may think the days of the traditional butter croissant are numbered. But I’ll beg to differ. There’s a reason a warm, buttery layered stack of dough has become such a stronghold of the French culinary ecosystem, and it’s largely because … Read more

Le Grand Bistro – French Delicacy at a Bargain Price


  UPDATE: Le Grand Bistro Closed Permanently 5/25/2014 While the regular menu is pretty comparably priced with other restaurants downtown, Le Grand Bistro’s happy hour menu reminds us that French delicacy can not only be quite affordable, but it can often be a downright bargain. Fancy French Treats: Oysters and Champagne Often … Read more

The Best Croque Madames in Denver

Best Croque Madames Denver

  Two bloggers. Three Restaurants. One mission: sample the best Croque Madames in Denver. The Croque is a French classic. Make it at home, or have it at a local bistro – there’s nothing quite like the combination of fresh bread, melty cheese, fresh sliced ham, and a sultry Mornay sauce (that’s … Read more