Review: Brunch with Mom at Brasserie Ten Ten


I was lucky enough to have my mom visit me for Memorial Day weekend, and even luckier that she was willing to drive up to Boulder with me on a very sunny Sunday for a lovely Brunch at Brasserie Ten Ten (truth be told, I think she was in it for the air conditioning).

But after finding parking amidst the swarm of Boulder Creek Festival visitors, we settled at a table for my favorite festival: brunch.

Brasserie Ten Ten just has a sort of classy aura that makes it perfect for a mom-and-daughter date. My mom ordered a Bellini that looked almost too cute with her light blue and white striped summer shirt.


Flipping through the menu of super reasonably priced ($5-12) brunch items, we finally settled on splitting many dishes. I highly recommend this, as there are too many interesting items to pick just one!

Some of my favorites were:

Bordeaux Scramble – $9 – comes in an adorable mini “dutch oven,” which is basically a cute cast-iron pot. Really tasty balsamic glaze on this and ultra fluffy eggs. Portion wasn’t too large, either, but was still hearty with the house-made biscuit.

Jambon & Gruyere Crêpes – $6 – again, a fantastic balsamic glaze that perfectly contrasted the salty flavors from the ham, cheese, and hollandaise sauce. Completely different style than the classic crêpes at Crêpes n Crêpes – Brasserie’s crêpes are small and crispy – a really great treat that’s perfect to share as an appetizer since it’s so decadent.

Hideaway Salad – $8 – a really fresh salad with some strong flavors. I love a runny egg on all my salads, but this one was made all the better by the white anchovies that accompanied it. Even if you don’t like anchovies, try these. My mom, the salt-phobe, was even gushing about them.


We also found ourselves sharing Brasserie Ten Ten’s starter pastry “Le Debut” (literally, ‘the beginning’) for a dessert. It was the perfect little cake to close the meal – light and fluffy with some great fruity syrup.

cup cake

Brasserie Ten Ten was a lovely spot for me to spend some girl-time with my mom while sharing delicious French treats. Definitely don’t be deceived by the white table cloths — though the service is top-notch, the food is definitely bargain priced, especially at brunch!

With the warm weather coming, expect long waits for patio seating, but I think a spot by the window is just as nice. Grab a bellini, order a few plates amongst friends, and enjoy the Pearl Street Mall as if it were Paris…

Where are some of your favorite brunch spots to bring your mom? Let me know in the comments!