The Truffle Cheese Shop in Debver Review

Truffle Cheese Shop

There are stores that sell cheese and then there are actual cheese shops; The Truffle is the latter.

With their new wine and cheese bar opening up in the Highlands, it’s time now more than ever to check out this 6th Avenue cheese store where it all started.

Walking in through the bright yellow door at The Truffle can be kind of overwhelming. The whole room smells like a mixture of pungent cheese and is covered wall-to-wall in imported European goods.

The deli counter is packed with enormous cheeses ready to be cut-to-order while small refrigerators on the perimeter hold little morsels perfect to snatch and take home by the wheel.

The Truffle’s staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgable. Want a taste? Not a problem!

The staff readily gives you little bites on these adorable small plates. They are so cute, you may ask for more samples even if you’ve already picked your winner!


The Truffle Cheese Shop has got it all when it comes to your cheesey needs. And don’t forget a baguette! They’ve usually got a few on hand.

You’ll also love The Truffle for their occasional excursions to Fruition Farms and their hospitality when it comes to sharing some unpasteurized cheeses they bring back from abroad (which are illegal to sell in the states, but quite legal to eat).

If you’re looking for that truly French feeling of knowing your cheesemonger, The Truffle has you covered. Though, don’t blame me if this little secret ends up gaining you a few extra pounds as well!

Do you have a favorite cheesemonger? Have you been to The Truffle? What’s your favorite cheese shop? Let me know in the comments!