Should You Buy Polygon (MATIC)?

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies to invest in. Thousands are available, with more popping up on a daily basis. Most will fail and the value will fall to zero.

But some may emerge as the next bitcoin. The trouble is finding out which ones are going to grow the most.

Right now, many investors are considering investing in Polygon. This cryptocurrency frequently sits in the top 20 by market cap. So should you buy Polygon?

In order to answer that question, it helps to look at the bigger picture. More specifically, we need to know what is going on with Ethereum to understand the importance of Polygon.

Should you buy Polygon? The answer lies below.

What Is Wrong With Ethereum?

Ethereum was built for a different reason than bitcoin. They are fundamentally different cryptocurrencies, with different technology underlining them.

Ethereum was built primarily to allow other applications to build on top of the Ethereum network. They wanted to make it easier for other companies to launched decentralized applications that made new technology in finance available to anyone.

The problem, however, is that the Ethereum network has become far too popular. Dozens of high-traffic applications handle millions of transactions on the Ethereum network.

This causes network congestion, slowing down transaction time. And it also leads to high gas fees, which are the fees you pay to make a transaction on the network.

Ethereum is the layer one foundation. But to make the network more efficient for everyone, we need layer two solutions built on top of it, that will lighten the load, so to speak, of the main Ethereum network.

What Is Polygon?

So what is Polygon MATC? MATIC is the original name of the network, though it was changed to Polygon. The token still goes by the ticker MATIC.

Polygon is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It uses advanced blockchain architecture to leverage the security of the Ethereum network.

But it allows developers to build their apps on Polygon, which prioritizes faster transaction times, smoother user experience, and lower transaction fees.

Polygon is one of the solutions aimed at making Ethereum more efficient and bringing mass adoption to the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.

Should You Buy Polygon?

So what does this mean for investors? It means that Polygon is set to become just as important as Ethereum. The two are going to go hand in hand in creating a decentralized ecosystem for developers and investors worldwide.

So if you believe in the mission and success of Ethereum, then you should also believe in Polygon. Once the Layer-2 scaling solutions are rolled out in their fullness, we can expect to see demand for Polygon rise, and with it, the MATIC price.

Wondering how to buy Polygon today, to ensure you don’t miss the growth? You can purchase it on any reputable crypto exchange today.

Polygon Was Built for Ethereum

Anyone that believes in Ethereum should also buy Polygon. The success of one will lead to the success of the other.

Will Polygon ever reach the high prices of Ethereum? No one knows. But it doesn’t need to get even close to that in order for investors to see some serious gains.

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