Parisian Style: 10 Offbeat Chic Fashion Tricks


Want to get that effortless Parisian style is both unexpected and timelessly chic?

The French love to mix classic pieces with untraditional elements. Here are 10 ideas to spice up your wardrobe from Parisian Chic (the bible of Paris street style) by fashion deity, Ines de la Fressange:

10. Jeans + gem-encrusted sandals

(not sneaks)

9. Pencil skirt + ballet flats

(not heels)

8. Sequined sweater + men’s trousers

(not a skirt)

7. Diamond necklace + denim or chambray, during the day

(not a black dress, at night)

6. Loafers + shorts

(not with long slacks)

5. Evening dress + plain open-toed sandals

(not gem-encrusted evening sandals)

4. Pearl necklace + rock’n’roll T-shirt

(not a shift dress)

3. Chiffon print dress + battered biker boots

(not clean ballet flats)

2. Tux jacket + sneakers

(not stilettos)

1. Evening dress + straw handbag

(not a clutch)

What are some of your tricks for effortless style? Have you tried a few of the pairings listed above? Let me know in the comments below!