This Is How to Use a Rifle Scope the Right Way

Are you a hunter or are interested in the sport? A crucial part of hunting with a rifle is knowing how to use a rifle scope. Perhaps you have purchased a rifle and already have the scope, but you have never had to deal with more than iron sights before.

Using a rifle scope is a different method of hunting. It is indeed more difficult! But if you are a more experienced hunter, it is also more rewarding.

To learn more about using a rifle scope and how to get started hunting, keep reading.

Mounting and Positioning

Mounting and positioning a rifle scope correctly is the foundation for proper scope use. To do this correctly, the ideal height of the rifle and scope combination should be determined.

Natural Alignment

For a comfortable shooting experience, the eye should be in natural alignment with the scope. If the scope is too low, you will need to adjust your cheek position.

Likewise, the scope needs to be mounted correctly on the firearm. Worn components, such as the rings and bases, should be replaced for a secure connection.

Center Mount With the Reticle

The scope should be mounted straight with the reticle centered to prevent tracking issues. The scope should be completely secured to the rifle and tightened to proper tolerance to ensure it won’t move during use.

Turning the Turrets

Turning the turrets through their entire range of motion should verify the scope is properly mounted and aligned. This ensures effective use of the rifle scope in the field and range.

Adjusting the Magnification

A good starting point for adjusting the magnification level is to calibrate it for the target and shooting environment. By adjusting the power setting, the user can adjust the amount of detail in the image seen through the rifle scope. For longer shots or shots in darker conditions, increasing the power setting will show more detail in the field of view.

On the other hand, if the target is closer, decreasing the power setting can make the target more easily visible without the magnification overpowering the shot. Always be sure to test out the settings before taking any shots.

Be sure to bring extra lenses or other accessories in case you need to make any adjustments during your shoot. The most important thing to remember is trial and error are key when adjusting a rifle scope.

Zeroing the Scope

Zeroing the scope means adjusting the reticle to the exact point of aim that you calculated with the use of your rifle ammo. To start, select a target at 100 yards using different types of ammo such as a 308 Winchester ammo, and adjust the turrets while looking through the scope until the point of aim and point of impact of your bullet match.

Once you’ve done that, take a step back and test it one more time to confirm that the rifle is indeed zeroed. From that point on, accuracy should improve. Recheck the zero of the scope every couple of hundred rounds to ensure that it is still sufficiently zeroed. Doing so will ensure that your rifle performs to its maximum potential.

Learn How to Use a Rifle Scope

Knowing how to correctly use a rifle scope is an important part of accuracy. Many of these rifle safety tips in this article require practice to perfect.

So, if you have a rifle scope of your own, it’s time to start practicing and honing your skills! Consider speaking with an instructor for further tips on how to use a rifle scope the right way.

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