Weekend in Seattle: How to Make the Most of It

Seattle is an amazing city for many reasons, and this makes it very popular with tourists. Whether you’re looking for good food, entertainment, music or history, Seattle has it. However, Seattle is most known for its coffee culture, as this is where Starbucks was founded, and grunge music. With all of this in mind, it’s to see that visiting Seattle with limited time can get difficult. Because there is so much to see, you need to have a good plan in place to enjoy it fully. As such, if it’s your first time in Seattle, sticking to the popular attractions might be the best call. In order to help you out, we put together a guide on how to make the most of your weekend in Seattle, and we hope you find it informative.

Visit the Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market may be the most touristy spot in Seattle. This is, by far, the best place to start your weekend in Seattle as it perfectly encapsulates Seattle’s culture. Here you can find tons of places to have excellent coffee and some great food. However, what really brings tourists to the area is the very first Starbucks established. Whether you choose to have coffee at the first Starbucks or some other spot at the Pike Place Market, this is the best spot to immerse yourself in Seattle’s culture with some great coffee. Before you set off on your weekend trip, however, make sure you know how to travel in comfort. This will only make your visit much better, which, realistically, should be the priority whenever you’re traveling. And if you like to travel often, staying comfortable while traveling is only going to get more and more important.

Stop by Pioneer Square

If it’s your first time in Seattle, then going to Pioneer Square might as well be mandatory. Pioneer Square is Seattle’s first neighborhood, formed in 1852, and if you like history, this is the place to go. Found in the square, Pioneer Park is the best place to go if you want to experience Seattle’s early history. Here you can find a bust of Chief Seattle and the famous pergola water fountain. Also in the area, you can find City Hall Park and Waterfall Garden Park, both of which are great places to stop and relax. However, experts from Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle note that you shouldn’t bring your important belongings with you when exploring the city. Our personal recommendation is to rent out a short-term storage unit and leave these belongings there, as you really shouldn’t leave them in hotel rooms either, just in case.

Visit the Space Needle

Everyone can enjoy a really good view, and you can’t get a better view of Seattle than from on top of the Space Needle. The Space Needle is a 605ft tall tower with observation decks near the top, open to visitors. From the three main viewing areas, you can get amazing 360-degree views of the entire city. At around 500ft up, there is an observation deck with a revolving glass door as well. So, whether you just want to take in the sights or take some amazing pictures, visiting the Space Needle is the best call. This is a great idea if you have a travel blog or something similar, make sure you know how to grow your audience on apps like Instagram. After all, if you’re already traveling for a hobby, you might as well make sure that you make the most of it as well as the trip.

Head down to the waterfront and Bainbridge Island

Another great way to enjoy your weekend in Seattle is to head down to the waterfront. Puget Sound is incredibly beautiful, and you should take the chance to enjoy it. Whether you go for a walk down to Olympic Sculpture Park, Elliott Bay Trail, or Alaskan Way Road, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy the beautiful views of Puget Sound. If you want to go a step further, you can head down to the Seattle Ferry Terminal and catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island. The island itself is beautiful, but the real reason to do this is are the views of Puget Sound and the city itself from the water. This is what makes a lot of tourists fall in love with Seattle, and if you find yourself tempted too, remember that specialists can help you settle in. Local experts are the best choice, as they are familiar with the city.

Explore the city’s cuisine

Finally, one of the best things to do in Seattle is to go on a food tour. Whether it’s guided or not doesn’t matter, Seattle has some amazing cuisine to offer. The city is most famous for its seafood scene, but you can also find amazing French food all across the city. If you decide to explore yourself, we suggest asking the locals for recommendations, since they can point you to the hidden gems. On the other hand, guided tours are a safe bet, as they will take you to the most popular, tried and tested restaurants in the city. Whichever you decide to go for, we can assure you that Seattle’s food scene will leave you amazed. As a matter of fact, a lot of foodies come back to Seattle for this exact reason. And the city has more than enough to fill multiple trips here.

Weekend in Seattle: how to make the most of it – the takeaway

If it’s your first time visiting, Seattle can get very overwhelming very quickly. It’s easy to see why, as the city has quite a lot to do and see within it. However, when you’re on a tight schedule such as a weekend trip, a solid plan is a must. So, we recommend sticking to the popular options to make sure you can actually see everything the city has to offer and enjoy it properly. We hope this guide on how to make the most of a weekend in Seattle helps you make your plans, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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