Everyone says this, but it is probably true for us all: I never win anything.

It’s only unbridled optimism that keeps us entering all these contests, thinking one day we might “strike gold.”

Well when it rains, it storms! This summer, I’ve been lucky and won TWO – count em – TWO contests from two lovely bloggers in the travel space:

Diptyque Travel Kit

thanks to Artfully Adored

You know you’ve found a great travel set when you can take it on a stay-at-someone-else’s-home vacation and still feel like you’re at a resort. Diptyque makes that travel set.



After a few days at my parent’s house in Los Angeles, I felt pampered like a princess, and even the salty oceans of Seattle were no match for the beautiful smells that Diptyque included in their lotion.

As one would expect from the French, the design and packaging work is also super elegant. So once you’re done with the portable spa treatment, you can reuse the packages to make your home bathroom look extra chic.

Afar Magazine Subscription

thanks to Wanderfull Traveler

Afar is not only an awesome website, but an awesome publication, too.

As an new condo owner, Afar fulfills a few needs:

1. Coffee table magazine!
2. Vicarious traveling now that I’ve spent all my money on a condo!


A flip through Afar pages is like taking a vacation without leaving your home, a vacation accompanied by a close friend who just happens to know every little detail of what locals do in Budapest.

In those moments when your wanderlust takes over but your credit card doesn’t quite agree, pick up a copy of Afar to momentarily satisfy those travel cravings (and dog-ear pages for your next adventure).

Have you ever won a contest? What did you win? Let me know in the comments!