9 Best Ways to Serve Cheese

Cheese is really one of the best foods that you can eat anytime, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not only is cheese very delicious, but it is also highly nutritional, as it serves as a great source of calcium, zinc, and protein, which are essential nutrients that our body needs to stay fit and healthy. Cheese is also one of the best gifts that you can give to friends and family members, as everybody loves cheese. So, you can prepare cheese gifts for your loved ones for their birthday or for special holidays.

There are probably thousands of ways to eat cheese, but only a few of those are considered the most popular, the most common, and the best among the rest. Here is a list of the best ways to serve cheese for any day and occasion.

Sandwich Filling


One of the popular ways to eat cheese for kids is to serve it as a filling for sandwiches. In the United States, the grilled cheese sandwich is probably the most popular breakfast and snack food for kids, and it is relatively simple to make. All you need to do to make a grilled cheese sandwich is to get two pieces of bread, slather them with a little bit of butter, and put one or two slices of cheddar cheese between the two pieces of bread. Then, you can place the sandwich on a grill or on a nonstick pan to give it its signature crunchy and gooey texture.

Dip for Chips

Another popular way to let kids eat cheese is to serve it as a dip for chips. Getting a bag of chips and a special cheese dip during movie night or board game night will surely make the experience more fun for the participants and guests, as they will be able to enjoy the movie or the board games while munching on delicious chips. You have the option of buying cheese dips in grocery stores, but you can easily make your own cheese dip by heating up different kinds of cheese in an oven for a few minutes.

Pasta Sauce

Of course, we wouldn’t forget about the iconic mac and cheese, which is composed of melted cheese sauce that is mixed with macaroni, a type of pasta that is shaped like narrow curved tubes. Mac and cheese is a classic and a favorite among many kids in various countries around the world because of its deliciousness and its fun yellow or yellow-orange color, which is quite rare in pasta dishes. But, if you have family members or guests in the house that don’t like mac and cheese, you can serve them other kinds of pasta dishes with cheese, like cheesy garlic pasta, cheesy marinara, and creamy tomato pasta.

Pizza Topping



We also wouldn’t forget about cheese as a pizza topping. Cheese is regarded as one of the most important ingredients in pizza, and while there are variants that don’t have cheese, the most popular types of pizza still have cheese as a topping. In fact, one of the most iconic pizza variants in New York is the cheese pizza, which only has cheese and tomato sauce as toppings.

Served with Eggs

Omelette is probably one of the best dishes that you can eat during breakfast, and it is actually quite filling. The great thing about the omelette is it is very easy to make, as you can just add cheese to scrambled eggs, and you are already good to go. However, you can also add tomatoes and other tasty ingredients to the omelette to make it more nutritious and filling, especially if you are going to eat it for breakfast since you need a lot of energy during the morning.

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes can be cooked without cheese, but to make them even more delicious, you should definitely stuff the baked potatoes with cheese. Bake potatoes on their own can be pretty bland in terms of flavor, but by adding cheese with the stuffing, the flavor of the dish will be enhanced by the savory and aromatic qualities of cheese. You can put any type of cheese into baked potatoes like Charcoal Cheese, mozzarella, and others.

Cheese and Crackers

eating cheese with wine

Much like baked potatoes, crackers or biscuits can be quite bland on their own, but if you eat cheese alongside them, you will enjoy the eating experience better. Cheese and crackers are one of the best combinations of food you can eat, as the salty and relatively sweet flavor of the crackers complements the sour and sometimes bitter flavor profiles of cheese. The crackers and biscuits also serve as a palate cleanser for stronger types or variants of cheeses.

Bagels and Tomatoes

Another type of bread that would go well with cheese is the bagel, a bread product that originated in Poland but increasingly became popular in New York City and other cities around the world. Bagel looks like a donut since it also has a hole in the middle, but it is described to have a saltier taste compared to a common donut that is supposed to be sweet. Because of their innate saltiness, bagels are perfect for the often sour and savory flavor of the cheese. To balance out the two flavor profiles of bagels and cheese, you can add tomatoes as another filling for the bagel to add sweetness or extra flavor.

On Its Own

A lot of people would say that the greatest way to enjoy cheese is to serve it on its own on a plate with a glass of wine. This setup is perfect for stronger cheeses found in Europe, and the wine produced on the same continent can serve as a palate cleanser. For a better tasting experience, you can add different types of cheeses on the plate so that you would be able to enjoy one type of cheese and then cleanse your palate with wine to enjoy another.

These are just nine of the best ways to serve cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack. If you want, you can also experiment and add cheese to dishes that don’t normally have cheese and see if their flavors are enhanced by the tasty ingredient.