Top 10 Stylish Ways To Wear Crop Tops

The trends in fashion and style are constantly changing. Despite the shapeshifting trends each season, some styles never fail a comeback. And this is true for the crop tops that reached their boom in the 90s. If you can still remember a few decades ago, this is one fashion statement that many fashionistas loved wearing. You can see them on fashion magazines, runways, boutique shops, and pretty much almost every stylish girl owned a crop top.

Fast forward to today, crop tops are paving their way back into the women’s closet once again. And while some girls and ladies might feel hesitant to show some skin, thankfully, there are creative and diverse ways to wear them comfortably. You can wear them in many ways and come up with amazing looks that won’t fail to turn heads.

Here are some ideas on how to stylishly wear crop tops:

1. Choose Colorful Prints And Patterns

If you want to show off your artistic side and look sexy simultaneously, you can wear a graphic print crop top. If you’re going to go outside of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and patterns. Crop tops can have loud prints, bright colors, and colorful designs.

Particularly for younger ladies and women, owning a few colorful pieces of crop tops in the closet can make you look unique and stand out easily from the crowd. They add a whole new dimension to your shirt game. Make a bold statement in a crop top; you can even customize it by approaching Printful or other custom-printing shirt vendors. Wear it with a matching bold skirt to make a statement. You’ll learn to love the attention anyway.

2. Pair It With Maxi Skirts

Long skirts were worn with t-shirts, shirts, or flowy tops in the past. Nowadays, crop tops are all the rage. Using an off-shoulder crop top with your long skirt will amp up your look. You can also find any crop top style that will work with your maxi skirt like magic. Crop tops and maxi skirts are the perfect combinations that can elevate your spirit to the next level. You can dress up this daytime look with heels to look even more high fashion than ever.

3. Layer It Over Another Shirt

If you want to achieve the look of an effortless French style, you can do so by mixing tight and loose. You can snatch this style by adding a blazer, oversized coat or shirt, or a cardigan over a crop top. Think of this as the most fashionable but appropriate way to wear cropped clothes to work. This style could only prove how versatile crop tops can be.

4. Wear It With Denim Skirts

Another stylish way is mixing and matching crop tops with denim skirts. If you want to go out for the weekend, you can opt for a midi skirt, and if you prefer showing more skin, you can wear miniskirts. A flowy crop top can work well together with any length of the denim skirt.

5. Add Accessories

Crop tops that come with plain and solid colors can be added with accessories so they can stand out more. While you combine your top with jeans, shorts, or a skirt, don’t forget to finish your look with some gorgeous neckpieces, bracelets, or other bold accessories.

6. Pair It With Jeans

You can easily pair your crop top with jeans and slip it on. Regardless of whether you wear high-waisted, boyfriend jeans, flares, or bootcut jeans, there’s nothing to worry about since it goes with every denim style. You won’t ever go wrong when you pair a crop top with jeans.

7. Wear Palazzos Pants With Crop Tops

Another bottom wear that can uplift your crop top look is palazzos pants. Palazzos with crop tops are fun, light, and stylish. Wear your palazzo bottoms either casually or dressed up. Depending on the occasion, you can choose any palazzo bottoms and work your way around them.

If you are attending a special event or party, go for a heavy silk palazzo and a chiffon crop top or a plain or printed palazzo with a simple crop top. There are also many ways to wear palazzo pants from day to night.

8. Go For A Lace Crop Top

Lace crop tops are so elegant and can be worn with any bottoms. This thin fabric top is so relaxing and comfortable to wear. They make an ideal outfit for a relaxed time outdoors. You need to have a crop lace top from the beach to an outdoor cocktail for such situations.

9. Wear It With A Jacket Or Blazer

If you’ve gotten tired of wearing plain and usual blouses with your blazers and jackets, it’s time to add a twist to it. With a lace bralette, you can give your suit a sexy touch. A conservative style can be achieved by wearing your jacket closed and lace peeking out. However, you can always unbutton it for a more daring appeal. This is an excellent balance between formal and sexy.

10. Pair It With Shorts

Don’t second guess this look because wearing crop tops with shorts could be a perfect outfit on all occasions. From watching movies with friends to going to the beach, this look will instantly make you beautiful and confident. Women with curvy figures will also find loose crop tops and shorts attractive.

 Crop Tops


The ways mentioned above to use crop top are just a few of the plethora of ways that you can play out when wearing this fashionable top. There are so many options you can choose from based on your style, taste, and occasion. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that every woman should at least own a few different kinds of crop tops in their closets.