Great reasons to choose a new 4 star hotel on Soi 11 Sukhumvit in Bangkok

There are not many vibrant and exciting cities in the world like Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Millions of visitors pass through for both short and long stays, some before heading to the stunning islands of the Land of Smiles, or those who want a longer look at the amazing tourist attractions and superb nightlife.

With so many heading to the city, it is natural that there are many hotels to choose from. It can be a difficult choice, particularly for those who are visiting for the first time. However, a guaranteed way to get the most from a stay is provided by Solitaire, a 4-star hotel in Bangkok, for several great reasons.


  • A location of a hotel can make or break a stay in a city and flavour the thoughts of a guest. Finding yourself in an undesirable part of town with little nearby amenities can mean heading home with a negative opinion. The city can get off to a great start in the memory bank if it’s convenient, safe and in a pleasant location. Solitaire is on Soi 11 Sukhumvit, perfect for the needs of any visitor.
  • It is a short walking distance to the main road, but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle. Sukhumvit Road has every type of food imaginable from street stalls to fine dining. Nightlife, bars, and entertainment can be found along it, and on side streets. A major shopping mall, Terminal 21, offers everything for the shopper, diner, or cinema regular. A BTS skytrain station is minutes away, with the MRT underground slightly further. A free hotel shuttle service will also transport guests to the BTS and the mall. Relaxing in a bar might be a good time to learn how to distinguish the different types of gin.
  • The hotel offers a wide range of rooms and suites to suit everyone from solo travellers through to families. Club Sky Rooms offer that little bit extra with the best views at the top of the building and extra privacy and quiet. Some even come provided with a Jacuzzi for that additional luxury to make the stay memorable.
  • For those wanting to make the most of their stay, the fitness room will soon help them shed any extra treats taken on the flight, or perhaps the steam room is a great way of doing so without the additional effort. A beautiful outdoor pool surrounded by tropical vegetation might be a more relaxing way to take exercise and then enjoy a read or doze. Maybe a trip to the home of a real Bangkok legend might be the ticket.
  • There’s no need to leave the hotel for those wanting to make use of all the facilities, with a restaurant and bars, including rooftop views catering for all tastes of international cuisine, washed down with cocktails, and wines.

Whatever the needs of a guest in Bangkok, the Solitaire will provide a great location and amazing comfortable facilities to make any stay memorable.