Heli fishing in darwin

Heli fishing is where a helicopter company ferries you to a range of remote, relatively pristine prime fishing spots – Usually one that you would have difficulty reaching by any other means of transportation.

The helicopter comes into its own if you are an angler who fishes at many venues but wants the ease and reliability of a one trip arrangement. Heli fish is often described as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Why Go Heli Fishing ?

Helicopter covers a long distance

The average flying speed of every helicopter varies from 95 and 145 mph. It is a lot faster than driving in a car. This also means that travel time is reduced to about a third of what it would take to get to your destination by road transportation to the fishing spot.

Reach more places

One of the reasons helicopters are the best choice is that they can get to places that airplanes and cars cannot. Gone are the days when helicopters were reserved for rich and famous people. More operators are opening up to the everyday traveler by offering seats on flights that would otherwise be beyond their budgets.

Best fishing setup

Helicopter fishing gives a far better fishing setup than ordinary spots at the river bank. The helicopter allows you to be able to move to every part of the coast without fear of being disturbed by other people or wildlife.

Casting directly from a remote, helicopter accessible spot is a brilliant setup to use when carp fishing in lakes with weedy or silty bottoms. You can find the perfect spot from the air and then land right there, which helps prevent your hook bait from sinking into the weed or silt and gives you the best catch of fish.


Travelling by helicopter is far more comfortable than a boat for fishing. It gives space and room to breathe with big full windows. You have the opportunity to experience knowledgeable commentary from the pilot to experience an entertaining trip between spots. This cannot be compared to a boat, where you have to focus on the equipment and your safety.

No delays

One of the most significant aspects of heli fishing is that you don’t have to wait for the charter boat to fill with other groups before going fishing. Heli fishing is an intimate experience with your select group of friends and family.

Driving in a car means you will wind around corners of the roads before getting to your destination, but as for helicopters, they can head straight to your ideal location.