How Can I Hear Myself Singing Through Headphones?

For some reason, you want to hear yourself sing through your headphones. Don’t be discouraged! You don’t have to be a professional singer to do this. You only have to get your phone, install some apps, and you’ll be on your way.

Mic monitoring refers to the ability to hear your own voice through a headset. It is essential for people who sing or record a podcast to hear their voices with other effects and monitor their recordings in real-time. 

Here are some ways to better hear yourself singing through your headphones

Best Headphones to Hear Yourself Sing


Before anything, it is vital to use headphones to hear yourself clearly. Using the best headphones is highly recommended; your voice deserves nothing less. Otherwise, you may be prone to possibly loud and annoying feedback loops.

Choosing the best headphone will help you with audio quality and allow you to hear every word clearly. Today’s latest headphone models scream convenience as they enable you to go hands-free and ensure the best audio and video match with a huge indoor range, decent battery life, and noise-canceling technology to block out external sounds. The Sony WH-1000XM4 offers all these features and more! These are the best headphones to help you realize your singing potential.

Another great option would be the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, which uses a new noise-canceling chip. Its four-microphone system picks up and isolates your voice while canceling out external noise around you so you can better hear yourself while singing despite unnecessary background noise. It also offers intuitive touch controls with a comfortable and stylish design, with a versatile noise-canceling tech that beats Sony’s dynamic performance.

Not to worry, these headphones are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. With its lightweight design and up-to-date technology, you will be able to get your desired results.

Live Listen for iOS users


You can solve this dilemma quickly by turning on your Live Listen feature on your iPhone, especially if you have AirPods or Powerbeats. It is necessary, however, that you update your iOS to the latest version.

In your Settings menu, open Control Center. After that, click the Customize Controls option and tap the green plus sign next to the Hearing button beside the ear icon. Then tap back, and you can now enjoy your listening experience.

To avoid difficulties, make sure that your headphones have sufficient battery and that your Bluetooth is turned on.

You can also access this feature by simply opening the Control Center and tapping the ear icon. After that, tap on Live Listen. Afterward, you can adjust the volume to your liking. You can do the same if you want to turn off Live Listen.

Third-Party Apps

A possible workaround for those who don’t have these specific headphones or a device with iOS 12 or higher usually opt for third-party apps like Smule or Starmaker. The said apps are available on App Store and Google Play Store. 


Smule is an American music app that allows users to hear their own recordings through their headphones. This app conveniently enables sound recording, offers a variety of customizable sound effects, and even points out which tones were not accurate so that you can replace them. Moreover, with its diverse songbook, you can easily choose a song that best fits your singing style. 

Smule also offers the best sound effect to customize the impact of your voice and make it more appealing to the audience. Consequently, you will be able to have a clear vocal recording. For these reasons, most singers actually use this app to correct their vocals.


Starmaker is another popular mobile singing app like Smule. This app offers collaborations and pitch correction to make you sound like a pro singer. By default, live microphone monitoring is on, and you can also pick your favorite songs from their local and international list. 

Once you have achieved that perfect pitch, you can even duet with top artists and sing together with your friends. You can even go Live to broadcast your performance just like a true superstar.

Are Apps Necessary to Improve as a Singer?

In order to improve as a singer, the most effective way would be with the help of a coach and regular practice. However, these can be pretty costly and time-consuming. Mobile apps provide a way to help users have a fun and constructive way to improve their vocals by assisting them in hearing themselves while singing and showing them areas where they can improve, just like an actual vocal coach, for a smaller price. 

Additionally, these apps do improve not only one’s vocals but also improve their overall listening skills and experience. Nevertheless, these apps are a way to assist you in improving your abilities and fully realize your potential as a singer. We all love to sing to a great tune even those classic song covers that ended up more popular than the original.