How to Design Your Perfect Kitchen

The size of your kitchen does not matter, but how you use it does! When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, you need to think about what you want and why. You also need to think about what your current kitchen looks like (and functions like). You can draw a lot of inspiration by looking at how you use your kitchen now.

A Period of Evaluation

Before you jump into creating floorplans, you need to evaluate your current space and layout. What is working well in your kitchen, and what is dead space? Do you have areas that are not good for storage or not good for preparation? Do you have cabinets that you cannot access or even reach with ease? It is important to evaluate your current layout and pinpoint just what is great (and what is not). This way, you can start adding in those key areas that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. Key areas could be a coffee station or a shelving rack for your herbs and spices.

Have a Coffee Station

Everybody needs a little help waking up in the morning or even relaxing at night. If you are a coffee lover, then you need a coffee station in your life. A coffee station may be in the corner of your kitchen (or at the end of the countertop). It will feature your favorite mugs and cups, as well as featuring your go-to beans and blends. You may even treat yourself to a new coffee maker or new variations of coffee to give yourself the ultimate station that will be the envy of all your coffee-loving friends. Check out reviews and recommendations for drip coffee makers and types of beans on The Coffee Bros. A coffee station will add convenience to your life, and it will allow you to escape, even in one of the busiest rooms of the house.

Working with a Key Triangle

The fridge, oven, and kitchen sink must be in your key triangle. All these items must be accessible and within easy reach of each other. If you must move around the kitchen lots of times when cooking or preparing meals, it will feel like hard work. Building your perfect kitchen around a triangle that houses the fridge, oven, and sink will ensure you can cook and prepare food with ease.

Create a Floor Plan

You have your triangle to work around, but you also need to know how to maximize the space you have. To make this happen, you need to create a floor plan. A floor plan is going to allow you to see the space you are working with. It is going to allow you to see if you need extra storage space. To make an accurate floor plan, you need to have the measurements of your kitchen. Accurate measurements will allow you to choose the cabinets and storage solutions you want your kitchen to feature.

Make Sure You Have Enough Workspace and Storage

Storage and countertops are essential in any kitchen, and quite often, you will find that you never have enough. When you are designing your perfect kitchen, always try and maximize the storage space that you have. If you cannot go wide, then try and go high. The same applies to countertops; try and have as much workspace as possible.