How to Earn More on Online Roulette Games?

Online roulette is one of the staple table casino games worldwide. It’s easy and requires no specialized skills or knowledge, making it one of the go-to games for many new and inexperienced players.

However, being a game of luck means it has a high house edge, the casino’s statistical advantage over players. In general, the higher the casino’s edge, the lower the player’s winning odds.

Fortunately, there are roulette strategies you can learn to win more. Check them out here:

Learn The Relationship of the Odds and Payouts

Knowing how odds related to roulette’s payout is one of the first things to do to increase winning odds and return. The basic idea is that the smaller the payout, the higher a player’s winning odds.

For example, making straight bets on odd/even or red/black can only give you winning odds of up to 47.37%. The roulette wheel comes with double zero and green zero, giving the casino around 52.63% winning odds— 5.26% higher than players.

With a winning odd below 50%, players will likely get “even money,” a simple payout for a simple bet. For instance, if players bet $100 and win, they’ll likely get $200 (their initial hundred added to the equal amount in winnings).

Another example is placing bets in a 2-1 box will likely give $300 winnings (the initial bet plus the $200 winnings). As noticed, the highest payout at 35 to 1 happens after hitting a single number, making the house edge constantly at 5.26%, regardless of varied odds and payouts.

Place Multiple Corner Bets

In roulette, a “corner bet” involves betting on four numbers that touch each other on the grid in a table’s betting section. It’s usually placed in the middle or at the corner of a square of four numbers. That’s why it’s also called a “square,” “quad,” or “four-number” bet.

Placing corner bets is one of the ways to increase winning odds, particularly if they’re placed multiple times. However, it still depends on the kind of roulette. Specifically, placing one corner bet on European Roulette gives you 10.8% winning odds, while 10.5% for  American Roulette.

Corner bets are highly recommended if players overlap their betting areas. They can use them to zero in on a specific number and spread risks. It’s a less aggressive complete bet, where all inside bets are placed on a particular number.

Mind Max Bets and Table Minimum

Every casino, whether online or land-based, wants players to play responsibly. Casino games at FanDuel Casino, for example, typically have max bets and table minimum. These generally help players to only use the funds they can afford to spend and financially protect themselves.

Max bets and table minimum are often called table and betting limits. Although they restrict players, they’re all in the players’ best interest. Besides being a ceiling for potential losses, they also help players manage their bankroll, improving their gaming experience. The more they can prolong their budget, the longer they can have fun.

However, setting limits can confuse many inexperienced players who don’t know where and how to start. For starters, consider making small bets on red or black. It’s also worth trying the odd-even bets, which are simpler and easier but with higher winning odds.

Consider The Martingale Strategy

In roulette, the Martingale strategy involves repeatedly doubling bet amounts after a loss. For example, the initial bet is $10. After a loss, it’ll be increased to $20. If lost again, double the $20 and bet $40 and so on.

The Martingale strategy is an easy-to-follow but aggressive betting system. It also often works well in short bursts, providing a great adrenaline boost. This can be appealing to aggressive and risk-seeking players.

The main advantage of the Martingale System is that it enables players to recoup all of their previous losses. However, it can easily eat up their bankroll, especially after a losing streak, so it isn’t a good long-term strategy. It’s recommended for those who have bigger funds.

The Fibonacci System

Like the Martingale, the Fibonacci system can also help players cover all their previous losses. But instead of aggressively doubling the bets, it only increases the amount of the two previous bets after a loss.

Additionally, instead of completely resetting the stake, Fibonacci only moves it down several levels. This allows players to make up their losses not only much safer but also quicker than the Martingale.

However, the Fibonacci system doesn’t come without disadvantages. It can still exhaust players’ bankroll and doesn’t guarantee wins. The bet limits can also stop its sequence. For example, if the limit is capped at 100, the highest number it can reach is only 89.

Final Thoughts

There’s no betting strategy that can guarantee a win in roulette, a game that goes hand in hand with probability. Besides being a game of chance, there’s also an invulnerable house edge to mind. However, betting strategies can surely help you earn more by helping you manage your bankroll and preserve your wins.