Mindfulness can be learned: 7 tips on how to practice mindfulness at home

You may have heard the term “be mindful” a lot recently, and you also may not know what that means exactly. Being mindful simply means being aware of all your thoughts and actions as they are happening.

The question of how to practice mindfulness can also be a bit tricky, but there are a few simple steps you can take to become more mindful and feel like you have more control over your life.

Take it Slow

Taking things slowly gives you the time to think about and consider the next thing you’re going to do. Too often, we go into auto-pilot mode and just go through tasks, whether work, exercise, socializing, or something similar.

Taking everything you do slowly and enjoying it, or working through it properly, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment. Take your time drinking your morning coffee, don’t rush a relaxing walk; this will instantly make you feel more in control.

One Thing at a Time

There are very few things more stressful than having a to-do list longer than your arm and trying to get all of it done at once. The best thing to do is to sit down and go through the list methodically, doing one thing at a time.

This, once again, will make you feel like you are in control, and you will end up completing more tasks quicker, as opposed to doing bits of many tasks. This can be a difficult habit to form, especially if you are working, have kids, etc., but you will feel more successful and less stressed in the long term.

One Thing at a Time


Journaling is a brilliant way to organize your thoughts and emotions or to just vent at the end of the day. Writing down what you are feeling and thinking makes it all seem more “real,” and therefore, you are able to either change or embrace these things.

Looking back at these entries as the weeks or months go by also allows you to see what changes you have made as a person. Seeing if you have changed or improved a particular aspect of your life is another way to gain a small win.

Eat Mindfully

Your diet is one significant aspect of your life that you will lose control of if you are too stressed or busy. You will end up eating out too much, eating easy food to make, and these changes end up having a negative effect on your life and well-being.

Thinking about what you should eat and making the time to make it is the best way to have control over your diet. You will eat healthier and feel better every day as you are eating the right food day in and day out.

Take A Break

This is one area that many people struggle with, no matter what you do with your time. Taking a break is an integral part of any day; it allows you to decompress, relax, and gather your thoughts between tasks.

One of the things that exhausts you is running between tasks and feeling like you won’t have enough time to finish them all if you stop. Sometimes our days feel short, but you can still take five minutes just to sit, take a few deep breaths, and reset before you start again.

Tech Detox

In the overly-connected world we live in nowadays, it is difficult to break away from your phone or computer, considering almost everything we do is through them. However, it is highly suggested to take time away from your screen every day.

If that isn’t possible, then having a time when you turn all your devices off is the next best thing, whether an hour or two before bed, after dinner, or something similar. Being in constant communication can be tiring and will distract you from doing the things you should be doing instead.

Tech Detox

Be Deliberate

The final tip is to be deliberate. Be deliberate in your actions and thoughts. This is a significant factor that contributes to being in control. Making clear and concise decisions is a brilliant way to improve your mental health as well.

Try not to be on the fence as much as you can, do what you think is right for you and stick with it.