How to Store Colombian Coffee Beans for Freshness

The freshness of your Colombian coffee beans will decide the quality and flavor of your favorite coffee. Therefore, you must store your coffee beans carefully to use them for the promised period without losing flavor and freshness. Coffee beans have degradable compounds, including amino acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. These molecules and compounds will break down physically and chemically over time and impact the flavor and quality of your coffee. We will know how to avoid such situations and maintain the freshness of Colombian coffee beans with proper storage. Keep reading to store your coffee safely for a long. Enjoy it whenever you want without bothering about flavor and freshness. Colombian Coffee: Mecatos Bakery & Cafe, the Colombian Bakery near me

How to Store Colombian Coffee

Your coffee will lose its freshness with heat, light, moisture, and air exposure. That means you must ensure that beans avoid contact with all these during storage. You can use an airtight and cool container for storage. Keep it away from sunlight and find a safe storage place. You can use an opaque container to ensure no light can hit your beans. In brief, store in an airtight, opaque container and keep in a dark cabinet or closet. It is the best way to maintain freshness for the longest possible time.

You can also maintain the freshness of your coffee beans by buying the right amount regularly. There will be no storage requirements when you have a limited amount.

Can I Store Coffee Beans in the Freeze?

Many prefer storing most things in the freezer. They buy multiple coffee bags and keep them in the freeze. However, you must avoid doing so. Coffee beans are hygroscopic and porous and absorb moisture from the air. If you store coffee beans in the fridge, you will have the odor of all food items in your coffee. The beans will take them from your fridge, and you can imagine the flavor. However, you can keep your coffee bags in an airtight container and store them in your freeze. But let it thaw out and then use it.

Things to Avoid During Storage

First, avoid air, light, moisture, and heat contact. Any direct or indirect exposure to all these will impact the flavor of your Colombian coffee beans. In addition, you can avoid storing in the fridge. When it is a must, use an airtight container or bag. Avoid using clear containers since the light can pass and impact the flavor and freshness of your coffee. Store the beans alone and avoid mixing them with spices and strong-smelling foods during storage. Even if you follow the best storage process, avoid keeping your coffee beans for more than six months.

How to Know Your Coffee Beans Are Not Fresh

You must use your coffee beans within two weeks of purchase without following the above storage methods. Otherwise, they will lose their flavor and freshness. You can check the smell of your coffee bean to know whether it is fresh. Remember, there will be no visible difference between stale and fresh coffee beans. However, the smell will be different. The stale beans will have a soar, musty, lifeless, or dull aroma. Follow this simple way to avoid using stale coffee beans.