Important Points To Consider in Choosing a Jeweler / Diamond Dealer in Plano

When planning to buy jewelry it is wise to choose the jeweler since this can add to the factor of the quality of diamond you can get. As a buyer you should do your part in evaluating the jeweler you will deal with, so better start checking on the dealer of custom diamond rings in Plano. Take advantage of the technology and start searching for the jewelers nearest you.

How to Choose a Diamond Dealer?

When choosing a diamond dealer you have to consider several factors. Check on the list below:

10 Important Points to Consider in Choosing a Jeweler


Credentials can be hard to tell by merely looking at the advertisements. Checking on the reviews and researching about the jeweler by browsing their social media platforms can be a good way to find out how their previous customers rate their service and product. Reading the reviews can help you weigh if they can be able to provide the service you’re looking for.

Listening Ability

A good diamond dealer should be a good listener. They should be able to remember the details you want for your jewelry. This kind of jewelry can be good to deal with since they will make it easier for you to build your ring.

Should Have the Right Tool

Jewelers who have the right tool can be able to cut their diamonds properly as well as assemble personalized jewelry for their customers. Choosing jewelers who have the proper tools and in-house gemologists can give you high-quality diamonds. They can be able to see the details of your engagement ring since they are well trained in modifying the diamonds, the metals, and the setting as well.

Should be Knowledgeable

A jeweler who knows the 4cs and beyond of the diamonds can easily explain to their customers the details of the diamonds. A knowledgeable jeweler can be able to satisfy the questions of the customers and be able to explain them in detail. They should know the specifications of the diamond.

Wide Variety of Diamonds

A jeweler must have a wide variety of diamonds in their store so their customers can choose from a lot of choices. Plus having more variety can attract more customers to choose the store since they can check on more diamonds.

Well-versed in 4cs of Diamonds

Jewelers should be well-versed in the 4cs of the diamonds, so they can determine the grade of the diamonds they are selling. It will be easier to explain the details of the diamonds if a jeweler knows the grading of the diamonds.

Should Know How to Handle Certifications and Appraisal

A jeweler should be confident in their diamonds. A legit jeweler would have their diamonds be certified by accredited laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America. Which is one of the most known evaluators of diamonds.

Must-Have Established Returns and Policies

Return policies should be agreeable to the buyer and seller, this way both parties can be secured if ever there are unexpected circumstances that could arise after the purchase.

Must have Markings on their Metals

Jewelers should have markings on their metals., Since jewelry can not be made without metals. The markings usually have stamps that vary from 10k, 14K, 18K, and PLT for platinum. Metals having markings can give assurance to their customers.

Must be Honest

Building trust with their clients is important for jewelers since this can be a way for them to be recommended to others. Diamonds are pricey so customers should deal with honest dealers otherwise their money will be wasted on diamonds that are not authentic.

Best Place to Buy Custom Diamond Rings Plano

When it comes to the best place to buy diamond rings in Plano, checking in the nearest stores near you can be convenient since you can check the diamonds in their physical store. Plus if there are issues they can easily be resolved since you can just visit the shop immediately.

Now that you have an idea of the important points to consider in choosing a jeweler/diamond dealer in Plano it will be easier for you to know which dealer to deal with and get a high-quality diamond. Be a wise buyer and do your research before dealing with a diamond dealer.