Keep It Cozy: 8 Small Living Room Ideas With TV

Are you looking for interior design ideas for a small living room with minimal furniture and empty space? A TV can look awkward when surrounded only by empty space.

To make your room seem bigger, you need to make sure you have decorative items and other furniture pieces. If you have a limited budget to redecorate, there are eight living room ideas with a TV that you can buy easily.

See below our list with small living room ideas with TV. Read on to learn more:

1. Use a Black and White Palette

When designing a living room, a black and white palette can be utilized to maximum effect. You can introduce a modern and chic feel by incorporating a black and white color scheme throughout the living room.

It’s best to limit the colors to just two, but add texture and pattern in shades of gray and black to give the space dimension. Consider using white walls and sectionals, a dark rug and furniture, as well as art, fabrics, and accessories in black and white.

Place a black or white TV in the center to create a centerpiece and display colorful pieces to put an extra spark of energy in the room. Use white floating shelves to display books and small frames with interesting memories.

2. Hang a Large Painting on the Opposite Wall

A great small living room idea when it comes to hanging a large painting on the opposite wall is to make sure there’s enough natural light flooding the living area. Choose a painting that reflects the light, making the room much brighter throughout the day.

To ensure the painting is the main focus in the room, consider heavier living room furniture pieces that fill the floor space, allowing the painting to take the spotlight. If your small living room is equipped with a television, wall-mount it and angle it towards the sofa for comfortable viewing.

Then, hang the large painting above it – high enough to draw the viewer’s gaze upwards. When the wall facing the interior of the home is occupied by a large painting, the rest of the living space can become cozy and inviting, making every day feel brighter and cheerful.

3. Surround It With Bookshelves

A small living room idea with TV is to surround it with bookshelves. This will give the room an inviting and cozy atmosphere and will also provide ample storage for books and other items.

The bookshelves can be built in or purchased based on the size of the room and the items you’d like to store. You can organize books by color, type, size, etc., and use the shelves to also store decorative items and photographs.

The bookshelves can also act as a wall defining the living room space, especially if the TV is placed in the center of the room.

4. Backlight the Built-Ins

The design of a small living room with a backlighted built-in can be easily accomplished with a few simple steps. First, install recessed LED lighting in the built-ins and install flexible LED strips to the underside of the shelving unit as the backlight.

Next, mount the television on the wall facing the built-in cabinet. Finally, incorporate accessories that enhance the room and bring life to it. For example, hanging mirrors to reflect the LED lighting or adding bold and unique artwork to the wall.

5. Keep It Minimal

A small living room with a TV is a great idea, especially if you like to keep it minimal. To keep the space minimalistic, start with a neutral color palette. Opt for furniture with clean lines and simple designs.

Use textured throws, pillows, and artwork to add color and texture. Keep the lighting minimal, with soft, warm tones to create a cozy atmosphere. You don’t need to cram the space with pieces, instead mix and match different media consoles for a visual interest.

To make the TV a focal point, choose a larger television that’s mounted on the wall. Select a few entertainment pieces such as bookshelves orĀ Wildwood TV Lift cabinets to hold television components.

6. Use Bold Color

If you have a small living room and want to create a bold and vibrant atmosphere, consider using a bold color for the walls. A deep ruby red or cobalt blue wall will make the room look fresh and energized, especially when the natural light streams in.

To create an eye-catching center in the room, add a flat-screen television to one wall and complement it with striking artwork. Place a sofa in a coordinating bright color and pair it with a patterned area rug.

Throw pillows in complementary colors or textures will give the room texture and interest. Brighten up the room with accents like wall art and plants scattered throughout.

7. Paint the Wall Dark

Paint the wall dark if you are looking for a small living room idea with TV. Rich, deep colors like dark blues, greens, and charcoals will draw the eye to the TV and help to anchor the room.

Darker walls can give the illusion of depth and make the room feel bigger and more inviting. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the darker coloring also hides any existing flaws in the wall, making it easy to keep a small space neat and tidy.

For extra drama, paint an accent wall the darker shade and leave the rest of the walls neutral to make your space unique. If you are feeling adventurous, consider a pattern wallpaper for the accent wall.

8. Add an Ornate Frame

The frame can add an interesting focal point and updo the entire look of the room. A well designed ornate frame can serve as both an artwork and the main centerpiece of the room.

It is more of an architectural design element that can bring in a more dramatic effect to your living room, as the dark woods and heavy metals will draw the eye. You can choose from a variety of frames, depending on your style and preferences.

Explore These Small Living Room Ideas With TV

Using these 8 simple small living room ideas with TV, you can easily transform your small living room into a cozy haven. Add an area rug to make the room look bigger, strategically mount your TV, and adjust the lighting to your liking.

With a few inexpensive and easy tweaks, you’ll have a living room you can truly enjoy. Start bringing the coziness into your living room today!

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