What are the most popular rugby leagues around the world?

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Introduction The exhilarating nature of the game of rugby has ensured its global popularity. Rugby is one of the most entertaining sports for all the unexpected turns the game may take. It’s a thrilling spectacle because the game is physically demanding and fast-paced. Rugby has millions of fans worldwide because of its … Read more

Who are the Most Successful Players in NRL History?

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Introduction When it comes to professional rugby league, the National Rugby League (NRL) has the most elite players in the field of rugby sports. The NRL has a long history of producing top-tier athletes. Naming the most successful player of all time can be subjective because no universally recognized standards determine the … Read more

Learn About the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia

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Introduction When most people hear rugby league, they usually associate it with the prestigious National Rugby League or NRL, the most respected rugby league tournament in the world. People also commonly associate NRL with rugby superstars such as Johnathan Thurston, Cameron Smith, Ruan Sims, or Anthony Milford and their favorite teams like … Read more

Is there Rugby in America?

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Introduction Rugby has taken the world by storm since its inception; it has successfully made its way out of the British borders toward the heart of its avid fans in every part of the world, including the United States. The United States Rugby Football Union (USA Rugby) is the sport’s highest governing … Read more

What were the most popular fashion trends of the 1990s in France?

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Introduction The ’90s is considered the most influential decade in the fashion industry. Fashion saw radical changes in the 1990s, with France playing a pivotal role in setting the decade’s standards. Slip dresses, Doc Martens, chokers, and crop tops are just few examples of the understatedly chic styles that compete with the … Read more

What were the most popular fashion trends of the 1980s in France?

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Introduction The styles and trends of the 1980s are truly unparalleled. Without the internet and social media, the 1980s saw more fashion icons emerge from music and television than any other decade before or after. Flashy colors and patterns, oversized clothing, shoulder pads, dramatic jewelry, and loud accessories like acid-wash jeans characterized … Read more

Top 5 French DJs and Remixers’ Real Names


The world is teeming with people indulge with innate talents and honed skills, and this is true to the world of music. Of course, magnificent historical icons like the Moulin Rouge and the can-can dance are important, but we’d rather focus on the people who have transformed dance music far beyond the … Read more

12 Most Popular Sports in France


France, like other countries, has popular sports in that people are avid players. The Rugby World Cup (2007), the FIFA World Cup (1938 and 1998), and the Tour de France, the world’s largest cycling race, have all been held in France. They were a strong supporter of the Olympic Games’ resurrection at … Read more