What is Nut Butter?

peanuts and nut butter in different con

Peanut butter is a common ingredient used in various snacks and cuisines all around the globe. Although peanut butter has been around for generations, more nut butter variations are gaining popularity due to its health advantages. These kinds of nut butter range include cashew butter, almond, walnut, and sesame butter. These butter … Read more

How to Follow the French Fashion Style for Men

There are dozens of fashion styles that men can follow, but there are only a few of those that are considered the best of the best when it comes to looks and appeal. One of the fashion styles that are deemed the best is the French fashion style, which is more focused … Read more

What Are The Most Famous Buildings In France?

So, you’ve decided to move to France? Oui bien sûr!  Most likely, you’d be living in your dream home, a spherical glass structure with a view of rich purple Provence lavender fields, a drywall-textured kitchen ceiling, and a balcony where you could spend days reading your favorite books. Nothing beats being surrounded … Read more

Tips for Eating Organic When On the Go

Yogurt parfait on a jar

When traveling or being on the go, it can be challenging to stick with any type of diet or lifestyle. Many people who are dedicated to an organic diet often say that it’s tough to eat organic food while traveling, especially if you have direct access to farmer’s markets and organic stores … Read more

Can Protein Bars Taste Great?

protein bar on a table

One of the most popular snack options for gym-goers and healthy eaters who are always on the go is protein bars. While protein bars are healthy and packed with protein and other vitamins and minerals, most of them do not taste really good. And if you find one that does, it usually … Read more

Tips for Maintaining a Well Organized Kitchen

An organized kitchen

The kitchen is the only place in your house used one way or the other, almost all day. Whether it is some snacks you are craving or trying out a new recipe, your kitchen needs to be the most organized place. You cannot work attentively if your cooking items and utensils are … Read more

An Introduction to French Crêpes

a stack of crêpes with powdered sugar, teaspoon, blueberries, rolled crêpes with filling, leaves

Crêpes are thin pancakes made with wheat flour that originated in Brittany, France. Crêpes, although being a French staple and national delicacy, had become so popular that they had spread throughout the world since the 20th century when white wheat flour became more accessible. Milk, flour, butter, and eggs are whisked into … Read more

Why Coffee is Healthier Than You Think

Why Coffee is Healthier Than You Think

We all know coffee can be a delicious drink, but did you know it has benefits beyond simply being rich and flavorful? Coffee is not only the most consumed beverage in the world, but it also provides benefits to your health. In this blog post we will discuss some of those benefits … Read more