Preparing for Your Trip to Paris: How to Rent an Apartment


Renting an apartment in Paris makes all the difference, but not many travelers know how to approach a rental. Hotels are straightforward – but how do you rent an apartment abroad? When is best to rent? What kind of documents do you need? How do you pick one?

I’ve asked my friend Carole-Anne from Paris Attitude to share her advice with you on Parisian apartment rentals and preparing for a trip to Paris:

You have long dreamed of it and now it is here! You’ve finally booked your tickets for Paris! It’s a huge city and even Parisians themselves are constantly discovering it every day. So plan out your schedule well, otherwise your stay may be quite athletic!


Where to start?

The first thing to do before coming to Paris is to determine the length of your stay. Summer is a nice season: Paris is calmer because there are fewer people and the weather is nice. It is so lovely outside that you can enjoy beautiful walks along the River Seine.

The second thing to do is to list all the activities you want to do in Paris, including museums, gardens, emblematic places, restaurants, and other tourist spots. To help you plan your stay, you can consult some Parisian blogs that feature many activities and tips for your stay in Paris.

Then, identify the neighborhood that is closest to the majority of these activities (obviously, you will need to compromise, because all these activities are not in the same place – that would be too easy!). Paris has 20 arrondissements, each with its own atmosphere, its own range of accommodations and restaurants. You will inevitably find your happiness. Lodging is an important criterion for your stay, which is why it’s essential to choose the set-up that best suits your needs and your type of stay. After a day of intensive touring, it’s always nice to relax in a place where you feel good.


Rent a furnished apartment

Let’s look at renting furnished apartments. That’s what we offer at Paris Attitude, a leader in furnished apartment rentals in Paris. This option lets you select an apartment that meets your needs in terms of budget, location, amenities, and space (square footage is hard to come by in Paris!). Why not rent an apartment with a view of Sacré Coeur for example? You do not need more than your personal belongings. Everything else is provided with the apartment. These fully equipped apartments have the advantage of making you feel at home. They are all ready for use, with everything you need, even linens and cooking utensils. You can cook meals with local products bought at one of Paris’ many markets. There are thousands of apartments throughout Paris, for every budget.


Depending on the length of your stay, renting a furnished apartment can be cheaper than a hotel. In addition, you can forget unpleasant surprises, since the apartments are carefully selected according to strict quality criteria, ensuring the best possible comfort.

How to rent an apartment in Paris

Renting a furnished apartment with Paris Attitude is quick and easy. A dedicated advisor will guide you in your search and assist you throughout the entire renting process until you get your deposit back. If you want recommendations, they will be able to provide you with a list of apartments matching your criteria. Alternatively you can select yourself an apartment directly on the agency website. The apartments are available to rent for seven nights up to one year renewable. The only document required for short term rentals is your passport.

It is wise to start your booking process as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of not getting the apartment you wanted. However, agencies such as Paris Attitude know how to handle last minute requests and can even find you an apartment at the last minute!

Upon your arrival in Paris, your landlord will welcome you directly at the apartment. They will give you the keys and will get them back at the end of your stay. You won’t need to go to the rental agency.

All of us at Paris Attitude hope these tips help make your trip to Paris easy and enjoyable.

Questions for Carole-Anne about renting an apartment in Paris? Let us know in the comments!