The Ultimate Guide to CBD Capsules

We have seen CBD in various forms such as tinctures, topicals, and weed gummies. As the industry continues to develop, more products are introduced into the market. A new way of enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol is by consuming the capsules. This method provides a simple and quick means of enjoying cannabis irrespective of the situation.

The capsules are designed to appear like regular supplement capsules. You can also take them daily, according to your doctor’s prescription. In this guide, we will explain all you should know about CBD capsules to enable you to use them properly. Aside from CBD capsules, taking WONDER – 3G CRANBERRY GUMMIES is another great option to have a healthier lifestyle.

What is CBD Capsule?

It is simply CBD oil that is placed inside soft gels or capsules. It has several names such as cannabidiol pills, hemp capsules, and soft gel. The whole essence is to make dosing easier. You can check out to know the recommended dose for different health conditions.

Manufacturers discovered that most users find it difficult to consume the correct dose when taking CBD oil. The oil bottles usually state the total milligrams of cannabidiol in the bottle and in a single dose. But it is still difficult to know how much cannabidiol you have consumed. As a result, hemp capsules come in different doses or sizes such as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

These capsules contain exactly what the label states, which makes the dosing accurate. The 2 major ingredients in CBD oil are organic carrier oil and cannabidiol extract. But the capsules require an extra step of creating a casing that houses the extract. Some manufacturers combine glycerin and gelatin to make the casing such that users can swallow it easily.

The Pros and Cons of Using CBD Soft Gel


Consuming the soft gel or pill offers many benefits, which include portability and size. Its small size allows you to take it everywhere you go. You can easily place it in your pocket and pop it right there without attracting attention to yourself.

Another major advantage is that it is usually stronger than vaping or smoking. This is because of how the cannabidiol gets into your body. Since you will swallow it, the soft gel will pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream.

Despite the advantages of consuming the pill, one thing it lacks is versatility. You can consume other forms of cannabidiol, including edibles and oils, in many different ways. But you can only consume the pill by swallowing. There is no way to alter the dose or any of its elements.

Additionally, when you consume it, you will not feel the effects quickly because it has to travel down your digestive system first. Therefore, if you want to use cannabidiol to treat immediate pain, you should consider using another form instead of a capsule.

Since you can only use the capsule by swallowing it, it does not favor people who struggle to swallow pills. However, some users are asking, “can you open CBD capsules, since it contains CBD oil?” To answer that question, we need to know what will happen when the capsule is broken apart.

What Happens When You Break CBD Capsules?

Just like any other capsule, you can break CBD capsules and use their liquid content. High-quality products use very few ingredients like oil blend and CBD extract, which makes it quite easy to break the shell. However, the extracts inside the shells are more concentrated than those in tinctures. As a result, the liquid will be small, making it difficult to use than the regular oil tinctures.

You also need to note that the cannabidiol capsule was made to be consumed whole. Therefore, if you attempt to consume it sublingually, it won’t be as effective as intended. The whole capsule is expected to go into your digestive system for disintegration.

Subsequently, the cannabidiol in the capsule will be processed like other ingestible cannabidiol forms. It will work its way to your liver, then end its journey in your bloodstream. So when you break the capsule and consume the liquid sublingually, it will skip many steps and move straight to the bloodstream.

How Does the Oil in the Capsule Taste When You Break It?

CBD oil is made for sublingual consumption; therefore, it is often flavored. Also, the unflavored oils have an herbal taste, and most people still enjoy them. On the contrary, the oil contained in cannabidiol soft gel does not taste great because you are expected to swallow the gel with the oil in it.

The oil has a chemical taste and leaves your mouth tasting sour when you consume it. To get the oil in the soft gel, you will bite through its outer shell, which is usually made of glycerin and adds to the terrible taste.

Overall, consuming cannabidiol capsules sublingually isn’t worth the satisfaction you enjoy from using CBD in such small forms. So, if you prefer the sublingual method, it would be better to buy portable pre-measured cannabidiol oil droppers. You can check out this website to find out what happens when you consume CBD as a daily supplement.


CBD capsules are small and easy to carry. They also offer a discreet means of consuming cannabidiol, and you cannot overdose on them because they come in strict doses. They appear just like the supplements we take on a daily basis. However, if you are thinking about breaking the capsule and taking only the oil, you may be in for unpleasant surprises. Before you buy a cannabidiol capsule, ensure you are willing to swallow it, otherwise, try other forms of CBD.